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Magda Ko So creative! Congratulations for your great project! Come back soon to us!

Ola Powajbo Thank You @Magda

jazzie congrats! great idea!

Ola Powajbo Thank You @jazzie

Małgorzata Czarniakowska BIG Congratulations Ola!!! Great idea at the end of the project!!! <3
This was a Year of beautiful, inspiring photos. :)
I hope that it won't be a long break. :)

Ola Powajbo Dzięki Gosia :-)

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka Congratulation Ola!Great idea, great mid/ending and remember I believed in You and Your talent from very begining, from our first meeting ;-) I'm happy to know You and that I can see how You realize and grown up in photos and person ♡

Ola Powajbo @anetadzienis-skutnicka_yk6itxr dziękuję, bardzo bardzo

Artur Łobocki Wow. I'm impressed of your creativity.
Come back soon with more photo ideas 😉

Ola Powajbo Thank You @Artur

Comment was deleted

Kasia Szyszko @Ola, that was a real pleasure to be with you through these 365 pic. You are very unique and talented artist. I believe in You and I wish you to fulfilled you all your plans: d
I'm waiting here for You; P

Ola Powajbo @Kasia artystka podoba mi się :-) dziękuję

Katrina Yu Wonderful end on your 365 Ola! Huge congratulations. Never stop creating, 365 or not :)

Boczek Congrats! I like the idea :D

Ola Powajbo Thank You @Boczek

Kasia Sokołowska very very creative as ever Ola. Congratulations survival to the end :)

Ola Powajbo Boska dzięki, dobrze ujęte z tym survivalem :-)

Emilia H. Congratulations Ola :) Your gallery is for me a great inspiration and often watch it, so just to enjoy the eye ... :)

Ola Powajbo Dziękuję bardzo @Emilia

Ron Dadoo congratulations! nice 365 pics...

Ola Powajbo Thank You @Ron

Satoshi T Nice image of inside of camera. Gratulacje @Ola !

Magda Parkitna Congrats @Ola

Marta Nowakowicz-Jankowiak Zajebiste zdjęcie!

Roman Czarny Doskonałe i inwazyjne zdjęcie
Gratulacje z okazji ukończenia projektu

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