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Artur Łobocki Bardzo fajne

Kamil Kaczor Dzięki wielkie, pozdrawiam!

Magda Korzewska zgadzam się z Artlobo

Kazziz wonderful colours, sunset? it's a shame that You have to clean them manually, but he, at last someone has a job ;)

Kamil Kaczor True, in Warsaw is wash, in Cracov is wash, only Gdynia is waiting for the newest, developed for cleaning EZT like ED-250, ED-160, ED-161 (Pednolino, Flirt, Dart). In Gdynia PKP IC has got only one old wash for carriages.

Satoshi T I think this manual work is hard. Thank you. If the train is beautiful, I will want to take pictures through the window.