Marta Wala Looks great to me ;) keep it up!

Kamil Kaczor Thank you very much! :)

Comment was deleted

Kamil Kaczor Thank you Wojtek! I'm sure that the next time with splash will be better :)

Michał Not bad for the first time! I\ve tried it once, and even used exactly the same title btw :) so I can imagine how time consuming it might be. But if you take your time it's a great fun and gives a lot of possibilities - also in post :)

Kamil Kaczor True, a lot of fun, a lot of photos, 80% defocus, blurred or something other was not good, but finally a few shots was acceptable. This is passion, no matter how many hours you devote to one photo, the most important is satisfaction from this what you do. Thank you Michał!

Kazziz It's already great! Paola? :D

Kamil Kaczor No, concentrate beet :D Thank you!

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