Satoshi T Your pics of Gdynia Główna are stimulate my imagination :) Thanks. btw. Which side where you are maintaining the ED250 from this passenger platform?

Kamil Kaczor I'm very happy that i can help you Satoshi ;)
The ED-250 is maintained at a special railway depot, about two kilometers away from here, between Gdynia Główna and Gdynia Grabówek railway station. Probably you can see this place on Google Maps, 2 kilometers from Gdynia Główna station, on north, following the track.

Satoshi T I found your maintenance platform and dead green EU07s ! and more north, I found "Another old and abandoned". In 3D mode, I can look them like a miniature! dziękuję Kamil :D !!

Kamil Kaczor Yeah, dead EU07s are there too ;) i'm very happy that you found it! In this place is abandoned water tower too, from my photos ;)

Satoshi T Yeah, of course I found "Tower" :) I think that we are living in a great era.

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