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maggaglen Nie wiadomo co w tym aparacie mogło być 😉😉

Dorota Szypicyn Wiadomo co, ale o tym cicho😉. Szpion🤓

tomenal London can hide

Dorota Szypicyn Yes, it's true☺

Artur Łobocki That's amazing

Dorota Szypicyn Thanks :)

Marcin K. A clean metro. Is it only in Russia and Belarus?

Satoshi T Shooting of the subway is often prohibited, so your photo is precious. I think Subway of Moscow is very gorgeous!!

Dorota Szypicyn Yes, it's true. But on the other hand, the Russians are very proud of their underground and every day they organize a lot of tours for tourist who can take as many photos in metro stations as they want and how they want. Everything depends only on the good will of people who have any power ( in this case - police officer )

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