Magda Ko Great double selfportrait. I totally agree, sometimes I just realize that i have a pain in my neck, spending so much time looking in my phone at the lunch break. I need to work on it.

Kamil Kaczor Thank you @Magda !
Me too, i think everyone has this problem, to a greater or lesser extent, but rather to most people. Sometimes my neck is hurt too, and this is usually caused by constantly looking at the smartphone.

Urszula Stachowicz Świetny pomysł, przesłanie i wykonanie. Brawo! :)

Kamil Kaczor Dziękuję bardzo! :)

vera so true...

Monika_msos Extra pomysł na fote.

Satoshi T I think Tookapic on the smartphone is best for communication with photographs with distant people. But there are many smartphone addiction people in Japan. Sometimes people chatting with a person next to him/her on each smartphone... btw, Great double you image! 😠😐!

Kamil Kaczor Thank you very much Satoshi!
True, for people like Tookapic community it's only way for communication, an example me and you, when i'm living in Poland and you are living in Japan. But as you said, when people chatting when they are next to him/her.. It's so sad.

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