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Ian Prince
Ian Prince
Nyon, Switzerland

Why did I decide to take part in 365 challenge? I think I just told myself “Why not!”. I’ve always loved taking photos and was impressed by the quality of the photos I saw on tookapic, which I discovered quite by chance.

I’m really happy how taking a photo every day has made me see the world around me with more intensity. That in itself is a magnificent gift.

The overriding feeling, however, is an immense sense of gratitude to the tookapic community.
Mont-Blanc #6
Going down
Blue dew
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Body #8
Wet nose
Blue pontoon
Eva #8
Hidden staircase
Lucky 13
Kevin Drum
Kevin Drum
Virginia, USA

My best friend passed away suddenly in 2014, and he had been encouraging me to take more photos. By December, I had taken some photos that I liked, but I knew I could be better.

I saw several online articles about 365 projects, and then I read about tookapic on reddit. It just seemed like a great challenge for the new year.

The daily pursuit of a good photo serves as a constant reminder to not live such a boring life.
Photo #426
Photo #400 / Feral Cat Photo #53
So Long, Bathroom Mirror!
Kevin completed his first 365 project on December 31st, 2015.
His pics were viewed 117,862 times.
Reading Scary Stories in Bed
Cats of Winter
One Year Later
The Favorite
agnieszka bladzik
agnieszka bladzik

Why 365? Because I needed a hobby that’s not related to my work in corporation and numbers. Also because I always enjoyed taking photos.

Idea for a photo-blog was present my mind for a long time but there were always some excuses. tookapic allowed me to focus on taking photos without worrying about all blog-technicalities.

Tookapic took me out of my comfort zone as I tried and learned new things just to improve my photography.
lazy sunday
agnieszka has been posting photos daily for 930 days straight.
Her last pic was posted 11 hours ago.
world need more spiral staircases
fly away
healthy food #2
spring walks in trainers

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