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I shoot with a Canon SX30IS camera. Everything is fine about it, but I was disappointed by its poor ISO performance and very big depth of field due to its small 1/2.3" sensor.

So, three weeks ago I bought my first ever film camera: the Canon AE-1 Program with: kit Canon 50/1.8, VERY RARE Viabrillant 28/2.8 and faulty Tokina 50-200/3.5-4.5 lenses. (+My new toy :) & +The film lover's kit). I think this is cheaper and better alternative to investin' in an expensive digital camera, 'cause what if I get bored by photography right after buying it?

After developing a test roll (Fuji C200), I was amazed by the image quality and the fact that photos were sharper than ones taken with a borrowed Zenit 11, which I used to convince myself into film.

However, I didn't want to keep my AE-1 as a camera for special occasions. This is a camera which I bought solely for replacing my junky SX30IS.

So, after reading your opinions (, I decided to use it as a daily Tookapic driver.

And that's how the film project idea was born.

I decided to:

  1. BASIC RULE: Shoot with one roll of film for max. 36 days and then send it to lab for developing and scanning. Then I will upload scans in a batch to Tookapic.
  2. Start the project on 2nd September. I have then an amateur radio meeting, which is a great opportunity to start.
  3. Make it not a parallel project, but a continuation of an existing one.
  4. Experiment. There are gonna be two types of rolls. One is a "daily driver". I will use it for casual '365 shooting. The second is a "special occasions" film. I will use it as the name suggests - on events, trips etc. Because then I want more than one photo. After finishing it I will swap to a daily driver. I will use different models of film (for daily driver only). For example, I will shoot first roll with Fomapan 200, the second with Fuji Provia... But a special occasions film will be chosen based on expected shooting conditions. And every film roll will have its own gallery page. I will post any updates in the comments.

PS. I will be a very incredible person - a 14-year-old shooting film in a serious manner.

And this is the full list of the project's film rolls:

(Special) Fuji Superia 200 - 2017/09/02, expect pics at 4th Sept. (Daily) Fomapan 200 - 2017/09/03 - ??? Upcoming - I don't know :D

  • Satoshi T

    At the same time you , @mrmm2017 started the film project in 6 x 6 cm format. He uploads everyday!

    • Tomek Zimnocho

      they are kind of similar to older photos taken digitally... just better

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        • Satoshi T

          If @mrmm2017 brought film development kit -chemical, thermometer, tank, etc,etc -to Rome and develop long brownie films every day without considering cost, I think he can do each day....

      • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

        But he probably develops the film by himself, I go to the lab instead.

        The lab develops it in 1-3 days (manual deving)

        And I won't use a roll of film per day - this is a total waste of money.

        Thus I'm not able to upload photos every day.

        The most important part of tookapic is to TAKE, not upload pics every day.

        And I don't care about his "streak".

        • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

          @Ian @Tomek

          Yes, they are not taken each day I think.

          Sorry for being rude, but he maybe was jealous of my project and started uploading film scans of photos which all of 'em were taken in one day.

          One scan per day, not one photo per day.

          Like @pawelkadysz said, he's just cheating himself.

          To avoid time bending, he's scannin' one pic every day or tweaking exif.

          His "film project" is not a real 365.


          Due to bad weather, I'll go to lab tomorrow to develop the Superia 200 with pics from the amateur radio meeting.

        • Satoshi T

          I agree with you @Rico_ET22 . Regardless of the type of media, I think that rather than the day of development and scanning, it should be considered as the shooting day as "day" of tookapic. So, if you leave the development to lab, it will be inevitable for the streak to expire. Good Luck!

      • Daniel Zaleski

        One comment: he apparently uses Ilford XP2 which is not a traditional BW film and he does not have to develop it with the BW developer. It is a BW film specifically designed for C-41 process = you can (or rather have to) have it developped in the photo lab. I cannot image somebody developing it in home conditions and even more so on a holiday - it requires specialised developers and the process is very temperature sensitive (really very sensitive). As a result you give it to the lab and normally get the scans together with developed film - just like with your colour negatives. There may be some problem with the 6x6 negatives but maybe not (I have never had 6x6 negatives developped in a lab).

        • Satoshi T

          Oh Ilford XP2 needs C-41 process! It is very common color negative development that many Kiosk and mini-labs accepted before digital age in Japan. Though many mini-labs not accepted 120 format but 135 format.

        • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

          He used Ilford FP4, look at the right border, also note that XP2 is 135 only.

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      • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

        Finally, here is the first film photo: +Marysin 2017 - amateur radio meeting

        Enjoy :) New roll coming soon.

        • ponzu

          I am impressed with the effort. Good luck. Next time I think that taking a photo a day is hard, I will remember that you are doing it with film.

          • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

            I've taken my first roll of film: the Fomapan 200.

            The results are great, but the film itself is too classic: no DX code on canister, no barcodes on the filmstrip, looks like FPAN 200 235/36 canister is cut off from bulk cartridges. But as an AE-1P user I don't mind that.

            The photos will be uploaded at 7th October, if everything's OK. Be prepared :)

            The next film (waiting in the lab) is an Ilford HP5, and the next one, the Fuji C200, will be loaded to my camera tomorrow. This is sort of "budget challenge".

            • Satoshi T

              After I heard your decision, I also examined the situation in my country. I asked famous developing lab. They say even if they had prepared the process-liquid and waited, the order did not come at all😔. They had to discard the process-liquid everyday to keep the development quality, then they became a simple environmental pollution company😭. For this reason they decided to outsource developing work to FUJIFILM factory. Especially color reversal film development is already endangered in Japan. There are only 2 developing-factories in nationwide even though there are 130 million people. Under such circumstances, creator who do film work is necessary to have plenty of time for delivery. I thought, and I recognize that I can not 'Tookapic everyday' using film. In fact I can not live while managing the shooting data of the film a few days ago. I would like to cast the same energy for ingenuity at the time of shooting rather than developing twice (lab and lightroom) and data management. In that sense, I admire your challenge of repeating the past one month 🤓!

              • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

                Do you mean they don't process films every day?

                • Satoshi T

                  Yes, Lab staff had prepared the development machine everyday. because the developing machine is not designed to move and stop frequently. Starting machines after receiving a few orders can not be a business. -It is designed for business on the premise that there are hundreds of orders continuing everyday-.

                • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

                  In my lab, C-41 is developed immediately (20 minutes to one hour), black and white min. 2 days (manual developing in tank, good weather required), E-6 - I don't know.

                • Satoshi T

                  Oh great! I can not expect immediate development of C-41 anymore😢

              • Daniel Zaleski

                @Satoshi For that reason I have bought myself special b&w negative film developer - Diafine, two part developer (you mix A and B solutions). It is mixed once and will last for years + for some film types it speeds the film. I works great with old classic film, not so much with the new t-grain emulsion. The users on Flickr and elsewhere say it works just great with Kodak Tri-X. I am shooting right now Ilford Delta 400 on 35 film and next I will load the same but 120 roll film in my father's Flexaret VI. The Diafine developer is very easy to use (it is not that sensitive to the developer temperature as the standard developers) and there are some other benefits. Obviously you cannot work so creatively with it as with the standard developers.

                • Satoshi T

                  Occupying the vicinity of the sink and difficult to control the temperature was a difficult part of self development, but Diafine should have easy because not so sensitive to temperature! It's great solution of self development.

                  Unfortunately in Japan the market of the film itself has shrunk, Diafine is not imported by any agent, so we have to import them individually...

            • Rico_ET22 / Kamil Pawlak

              OK. The second roll of film (Foma 200) has been succesfully uploaded

              Here is the link to the gallery:


              Also see this: +[Gap,] Thanks for all likes!

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