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What's new?


We know some of your collections are personal and intimate. Photos of your closed ones for example. That's why we made today's update all about privacy.

🎉 NEW: Private Galleries

You can now make your galleries private. What does it mean? Only you'll be able to see that gallery. It won't be listed on Galleries page, in search results or on your public profile.

If you add a photo to a private gallery, that gallery won't be listed on the photo page either.

Private galleries are marked with a little lock icon.

🎉 NEW: Hide your content from Google

If you want to go underground, you can now completely remove your profile and your photos from Google search results.

You can do that right now in your account preferences.


🎉 NEW: Family Subscriptions

You can now upgrade your account to Family Subscription and give access to all Tookapic features to 4 additional users.

Family Subscription is just $19/mo - that's just $3.80 per person. And if you switch to annual billing, price per person, per month goes down to $3.00!

You can upgrade to Family Subscription here. After you upgrade you'll be able to add users to your Family group. They will immediately gain access to all Tookapic features.

Note: If you've been our Super Hero subscriber, ye've upgraded your subscription to Tookapic Family automatically.

🎉 NEW: Free trial is back

Anyone can try Tookapic for free for 30 days. No credit card is required to start the trial. Go ahead and invite your friends to start their 365 projects.

🎉 NEW: Share photos after posting

Starting today, after you publish a photo on Tookapic, you'll have an option to share it to your social media. You can turn off this option in your settings.

👍 IMPROVED: Sorting photos in galleries

You can now sort photos in galleries by oldest first. Also, instead of day number we now show photo date on photos in galleries.

👍 IMPROVED: Subscription management

We've updated the billing page. It's now much easier to see your active subscription and upgrade your account.

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