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Simple photo project
for creative people

Publish your photos in a 365 Project. Discover and express yourself. It's a creative way to bring more mindfulness to your life.

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800.000+ photos already published. Thousands of happy customers. And tons of media coverage.

What's a 365 project anyway?

Imagine a photo album with 365 photos in it. Each one was taken on a different day of the year.

Why just one photo a day?

365 photos in a year is enough to document 12 months of your life. We guarantee you’ll remember and cherish every single photo you publish on Tookapic.

One significant photo a day is worth much more than tens of snapshots you’ll probably never see again.

To get the idea, you should really watch this video below. It's just 4 minutes long but it will probably change your perspective on how you share photos online.

Start your 365 Project for Free
7-day free trial. Than it's just $1.30/week.

How does it work?

Take and publish one photo a day for a year to create a mindful habit and build happiness and meaning.

Simple Process

  1. Every day take a photo using your camera or phone.
  2. Publish it to your Tookapic journal. Write few words about your day to remember it better.
  3. Watch your chronological timeline come to life with simple and spectacular memories that have shaped your story.

This simple formula helps you discover and express yourself and document and improve your daily life. One day at a time.

Start Your 365 Project for Free
7-day free trial. Than it's just $1.30/week.

"But I'm already on Instagram"

Tookapic isn't meant as a replacement for Instagram or any other photo sharing platform you're already using. It's a different approach to sharing photos.

What's different about Tookapic?

Unlike other social media platforms, Tookapic does not promote endless posting. Instead of In addition to publishing multiple snapshots a day on Instagram, Facebook and other apps, we encourage you to publish just one significant photograph per day on Tookapic. That's it.

  • No FOMO. Tookapic does not embrace the Fear of Missing Out. We have no interest in getting you glued to the screen for hours every day.
  • 100% Reach. Tookapic does not hide your photos from your followers. You get 100% reach. No sneaky algorithms here.
  • No Influencers. Tookapic is not a place for "influencers". We're all equal here. Do not expect Kardashians here.
  • No ads. Tookapic does not serve ads. We're about sharing photos, not selling you stuff.

Why should I do it?

Tookapic already improved lives of more than 10,000 people all over the world. Here's what they say.

Tookapic helped build my confidence in myself in general, as well as in photography. Developing a habit that I stuck to daily has made me a more consistent person.

- Jennifer

If you want to make photography a habit, this is the place. Once you start you will not want to stop.

- Michael Gatton

Tookapic is my daily positive habit. It helped me to be systematic and has added confidence. I look at the world and see how beautiful it is. I see more every single day.

- Ewa Kudłaty

The daily pursuit of a good photo serves as a constant reminder to not live such a boring life.

- Kevin Drum

Seriously, why should I start a 365 project?

When was the last time you actually sat down to browse your photos? They're probably scattered on different devices, hard drives, phones or even "in the cloud". Unorganized.

Hard drive with pictures is the modern day equivalent of a large box in the basement that nobody ever opens.

Tookapic solves that problem by collecting your most significant photos in one place. One photo per day. You'll be surprised how often you'll browse your Tookapic journal.

But that's not the only benefit. Here's other things that will happen when you join Tookapic.

  • You will create a special photo album for the „not-to-be-forgotten” moments with just the right amount of photos.
  • You will develop a daily habit. One day at a time. Once you know how to develop one habit you’ll be unstoppable.
  • You will get creative. If you're a creative person that doesn't create much, Tookapic will get you unstuck.
  • You will improve self-discipline. Prove yourself to be able to accomplish the goals you’ve set.
  • You will appreciate the daily life. You know, those mundane "slices of life" you don't share on Instagram.
  • You will learn your camera inside and out. Know every setting and dial. Learn to set proper exposure every time.
  • You will take better photos. No experience in photography required either. Most of our users are amateurs.
Start Your 365 Project for Free
7-day free trial. Than it's just $1.30/week.

Who's using it already?

More than 10,000 photography enthusiasts already tried documenting their everyday life with Tookapic. And they loved it. Just watch the video:

Who's among our users?

  • Parents. Create a photo album of your kids growing up. One day after another. Tookapic is like a self-creating family photo journal.
  • Beginner photographers. Taking daily photos is the best way to learn and improve your photography. It's a daily deliberate practice with your camera.
  • Travelers. Capture places you visit. Every day. Create an album your friends will want to see. Tookapic is perfect for digital nomads.
  • Newlyweds. New chapter in your life is a perfect moment to start a photo journal. Document your journy with a significant other.
  • Just Moved. Start discovering your new home with camera by your side. Keep your friends and family up to date.
  • Everyone else. Simply do something today that your future self will thank you for. Share photos with your future self.
Start Your 365 Project for Free
7-day free trial. Than it's just $1.30/week.

What's inside Tookapic?

Here are some of the coolest features you get when you sign up for a Tookapic account.

The Journey ☝️

Revisit your photos every day. Don't loose a memory ever again. Track how your photography improves day by day.

Weekly Themes ☝️

Every Monday we announce a new weekly theme. It’s an additional challenge that boosts your creativity.

Custom Galleries ☝️

Use the galleries to organize your own images or collect inspiring images from other photographers.

Challenges & Badges ☝️

Unlock dozens of badges for completing milestones and challenges. Stay motivated through all 365 days.

Start Your 365 Project for Free
7-day free trial. Than it's just $1.30/week.

All that for $1.30 per week.
Less than half of a Big Mac 🍔

There are two ways you can pay for Tookapic. Monthly subscripion or annual payment. If you choose annual plan, you will get 3 months free and your investment will only be $1.30 a week.

  • less than cheapest Starbucks coffee
  • less than about 100ml of beer in US or London
  • less than shortest ever Uber ride
  • less than half a Big Mac
  • less than 0,13% of the iPhone 11 Pro price (you'd have to stay on Tookapic for more than 14 years to pay as much).
1 month

Only $2 a week.

Billed every month.

Cancel anytime.

1 year

Only $1.30 a week.

You save 27%.

Cancel anytime.

Try Tookapic today, free for 7 days. It’ll take you less than 3 minutes to get up and running and publish your first photo.

Start Your Free Trial
No credit card required. No risk.

What's included?

Signing up gives you instant access to Tookapic platform. You’ll be able to publish your first photo right away.

  • Everything needed to start & finish a 365 project.
  • Access to a global community of more than 10,000 people sharing the same goal - taking photos every day
  • Proven process that will improve your photography
  • Access to weekly themes (announced every Monday)
  • Tools to track your progress as a photographer.
  • Unlockable badges and achievements.
  • Easy way to filter and sort your photo album.
  • Unlimited custom galleries to keep things in order.
  • Private messages to contact fellow photographers.
  • Quick way to order high quality prints of your photos.

Why is Tookapic Paid?

To keep the lights on. Tookapic is just two people team. What you see here was bootstrapped from scratch. There is no big investor behind this project. And that’s good. Nobody will make us sell to a big company and leave our users with nothing.

Thanks to this small monthly fee we're able to keep the community hate-free. People who join us are 100% committed to the idea of 365 projects.

  • We don't serve ads
  • We don't sell your data
  • We don't allow hate or spam
  • There are no influncers here
  • No sponsored content either

No spam, no ads, and no bots to invade your space, feed you lies, and steal your time. Just pure love for photography.

Besides that - Tookapic delivers value. Every single user who paid for Tookapic said it was 100% worth it.

The price we ask for the service is a fraction of what new lens cost, not to mention a new camera. And yet, Tookapic will do so much better to your photography than new gear.

And last but not least.

Tookapic is a job for us. A job we love, but still a job.

„I don’t think I can do a 365 Project.”

That’s what most people think. But in reality it’s nothing more than yet another excuse not to pick up your camera.

„I have no time, no self-discipline, no good camera, no experience. I just can’t do it. A year is such a long time.”

No, it’s not.

That’s it. 365 days. It’s all a year is. Are you saying you can’t take 365 photos? Can’t take one photo a day? Come on.

Do you know what’s the difference between those who manage to complete the 365 project and those who don’t?

People from the first group actually start. The rest gives up before even taking a single photo. How sad is that?

It only takes 10 minutes a day.

Grab your camera, snap your first photo now.

Start Your 365 Project for Free
7-day free trial. Than it's just $1.30/week.

Sounds good, but you're still not sure if Tookapic is right for you? Please read this.


I'm Pawel, the founder.

As attractive as Tookapic is, I know that only a fraction of people will take up the challenge. Although that's ok with me from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally.

You see, I know how much our users benefit from Tookapic. I read their emails, their comments, their letters (yes, you read that right, I get paper letters), I talk to them in person and hundreds each year tell me that Tookapic has proved to them they can stick with a resolution.

  • It boosts their self-confidence.
  • It improves their photography.
  • It helps them live a better life.

Because of this I just hate the tought of someone not trying 365 Project due to some error in our explanation above.

That's why if you have any questions about Tookapic or 365 projects, feel free to ask. Contact me directly at

Hope to see your first photo soon.


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