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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Tookapic regarding your personal data could be limited into only one sentence - the security of your data above all! Below we will present you with a some essential information and principles regarding GDPR. We want the use of our Website to be not only user friendly, but also safe. That is why we set high standards for ourselves in terms of data privacy.

If you have any questions, let us know at We are here for you.

Who we are?

It's easy. The Tookapic website is all about the authentic photos taken by people for whom photography is more than a passion. Our motto is "Capture your life in pictures. Day by day." You can take pictures for yourself or for your loved ones. Tookapic helps you to take your photography into a different level. However, to do this, we need some of your personal information about you that we will be the controller.

How do we process your data?

By registering an account you provide us with a login and email address. These are the data necessary for us to provide our service. We must know to whom we provide it and have the opportunity to contact our users. We also process your data regarding the IP number, data stored in the cookie and in local storage.

Legal basis for data processing

The main basis for the processing of your personal data is a contract that you conclude with us by registering an account on our website. As we wrote above, if you do not provide your details, there will be no registration and as a result you cannot start your photo journey with Tookapic. A key element of the contract is also sending specific system notifications, such as a pop-up, which allows you to contact via chat or email about changing the terms of the Regulations or the Privacy Policy.

In addition to notifications, you will receive from time to time promotional newsletters from us and our partners. In this respect, the basis for processing is our legitimate interest - we must be able to contact our clients and perform work that will make our service even better. We will not do this if you oppose to it by using GDPR compliant panel or by contacting by email. We respect it.

If you have agreed, we will process your personal data also in order to send information about our activities. We are constantly improving our website, that's why we want to keep you updated. Giving a consent for receiving some commercial materials is voluntary - you can withdraw at any time and not suffer any consequences.

How we use your data?

Your data is necessary for us to provide our service. You already know that. Therefore, we process data that allows us to keep in touch with you. Of course, we are not self-sufficient and we need to share your data with our partners, thanks to which we can provide you with the functionality of our website.

If you use our service or you are simply visiting our site, your activity will be monitored and analyzed by us. We want to get to know you the best and adapt the service to you. That is why our system will examine what you are looking for on the Website, what you use and how. This will allow us to develop new functionalities and improve the existing ones. Please remember that Tookapic is a community. Hence, your data will be processed in such a way, so that other people can see your photos or just write to you, for example giving you advice on how to take better pictures.

Please bear in mind that we collect the data stored in the cookie_id to match the content to your needs. When writing about "content" we mean what we and our Users publish on our website. When writing about "matching" we mean making content more interesting to you. The data stored in the cookie allows us to analyze your behavior. Their collection is based on your consent, which you expressed by pressing the "Ok, I want to go to the website" button or simply by closing the pop-up. This automatic processing of personal data is profiling, but on its basis we do not take any binding decisions that could affect your rights in any way. You just get a better designed website.

With whom we share your data?

So far, we are not able to provide all the services we need just by ourselves (but we try very hard!). That is why we use the services of external suppliers and processors. We share your data to the following categories of entities:

And here you will find a list of entities to which we share your clients' data. From time to time Tookapic may update the list of processors which shall not be treated as a changing the scope of this document.

Name Service
Paddle Payment processing
PayPal Payment processing
Amazon Web Services Hosting
DigitalOcean Hosting
Facebook Social sign-up & sign-in
Analyzing website traffic and user behavior
Twitter Social sign-up & sign-in
Analyzing website traffic and user behavior
Google+ Social sign-up & sign-in
Google Analytics Analyzing website traffic and user behavior
Google Optimize A/B Tests
Help Scout Help Desk

Remember that we are obliged to cooperate with law enforcement and courts. If we are told to transfer your data, then we will have to do it.

Your rights

Remember that:

How long we keep retaining your data?

As long as you use our services, we store and process your data. After removing your account from the site, we process your data by storing it for a period corresponding to the period of limitation of claims. We do it in order to secure your rights.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We are constantly changing for the better, so it may happen that we update our privacy policy in order to find better ways to protect your data. We will let you know once we prepare it.


If you have any questions, please contact us at We’d love to help you!


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