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The answer is YES! 👍

Who needs another boring questions page. This is an alternative to a traditional FAQ. The answer to the questions below is YES!

Your photo journal:

  • Can I upload photos from my phone?
  • Can I use just my phone's camera for taking photos?
  • Can I continue the challenge if I miss a day?
  • Can I upload a photo that I took yesterday?
  • Can I manually timestamp my photos?
  • Can I rate my day on Tookapic?
  • Can I organize my photos in galleries?
  • Can I create unlimited galleries?
  • Can I have one photo in multiple galleries?
  • Can I add location to my photos?
  • Can I add clickable links in my photo description?
  • Can I browse my photos by date range?
  • Can I restart my challenge if I miss a day?
  • Can my friends view my photos even if they don't have a Tookapic account?
  • Can I see photos I took year ago on that day?
  • Can I take part in additional weekly challenges?
  • Will Tookapic help me improve my photography?

Photo prints:

  • Can I have my photos printed on Tookapic?
  • Is it easy to order prints on Tookapic?
  • Can the prints be delivered to my family abroad?
  • Are Tookapic photo prints shipped worldwide?
  • Are Tookapic photo prints high quality?


  • Is Tookapic paid-only platform?
  • Are payments on Tookapic safe?
  • Can I get my money back if I don't like Tookapic?
  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
  • Can I cancel my subscription without having to contact support?
  • Can I use Tookapic without long-term contract?
  • Is Tookapic ads-free?

Community & Social:

  • Is the Tookapic community here friendly?
  • Is there a forum on Tookapic?
  • Can I get notified if someone comments on my photo?
  • Can I reply to comments?
  • Can I delete comments from my photos?
  • Can I @mention other users?
  • Can I see who liked my photo?
  • Can I send private messages to other users?
  • Can I collect other's photos in galleries?
  • Can I decide what I want to see in my feed?
  • Can I choose what I'm notified about?
  • Can I turn off email notifications?

Your account:

  • Can I log in with my Twitter or Facebook account?
  • Can I delete my account anytime?
  • Will my data be erased when I delete my account?

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