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Jerry Uelsmann, a professor at the University of Florida once divided his photography students into two groups.

For one group the final grade depended on how many photos the students would take during the semester (the more photos, the better grade).

Second group’s grade depended on the quality of their photography. A student could get an A even if they took just one photo during the semester. But the quality of that photo had to be exceptional.

What do you think happened? Did the „quality over quantity” rule apply in this case?

Just the opposite.

Students whose grade depended on the number of photos submitted turned out to deliver exceptionally better photographs.

That’s exactly the same strategy we use on Tookapic to help you improve your photography skills. Take photos every single day.

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  • No photography books
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  • No tutorials
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a very busy person. Can I still benefit from Tookapic?
Yes! It only takes a few minutes a day to update your journal on Tookapic. And it’s „me” time that everyone deserves. Do something nice for yourself once. Feeling of accomplishment is well worth it.
I have no experience in photography. Is Tookapic for me?
Yes! In fact, a majority of our members are amateurs. You should, however, expect a significant improvement in your photography skills during the challenge.
I don’t have a proper camera, just my phone. Is that OK?
Yes! Mostly used cameras on Tookapic are the ones in smartphones. You don’t need a huge DSLR to record your daily life. Your phone camera will do just fine.
I want to improve my photography. Is Tookapic right for me?
Yes! Tookapic challenges you to take and publish photos every day. You can’t get worse at something by doing it every day. People on Tookapic are making significant improvements in their photography skills.
I won’t be able to upload a photo every day, is that OK?
Yes! You don’t need to upload every day. It is recommended but not required. The important thing is to capture at least one moment daily. You can upload and share your moments later.
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