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Tookapic is a 365-day photo-sharing platform that encourages you to not only remember the extraordinary days, but to also give thanks to the beautiful, ordinary days in between.

Day 886
Day 541
i zielonym cieniem...
Day 866
Borynia Palace
Day 527
w samo południe
#in-garden #flowers #rudbeckia #summer #hot-day
Day 597
Feels Like Flying
Day 886
Day 1,720
apricot jam
homemade :D
Day 1,335
miało się jakoś tak ku wieczorowi
Day 1,256
after sunset
after sunset - view from my garden yesterday late I was coming back home and in a panic I was wondering what photo to take - and surprise...
Day 1,313
Waterfront from above
short walk during lunch time to get some fresh air.
Day 649
No agreement ...
Day 541
Hot morning
O 4:00 rano było już bardzo ciepło, a słońce rozleje się za chwilę na wodzie i kocham ten moment... #boat #lake #sunrise #trees #silence #...
Day 802
Day 674
Day 129
double room with a view at cosmos
double room with a view at cosmos
Day 1,302
poppies, finally
Well, after seeing all these awesome poppy pics I didn't want to take my own. But when I passed by this huge poppy field on the way t...
Day 909
I know he's tired. I think it won't be long. I think he knows it as well. He sleeps more, eat less... And he's looking for the company. He lik...
Day 540
tak niewiele trzeba...
Day 904
Sailboats and peace
Day 1,018
I just missed the sunset, very large heavy clouds over the city being turned bright pink. By the time I got across the river, the clouds had gone...
Day 580