A simple photography project that has improved lives of more than 10,000 people all over the world

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your life?

Or at least that there’s some room for improvement? Maybe you’d like to start something new? A new challenge? New personal project? New habit?

Want to prove yourself? Feel accomplished about finishing something you’ve started? Finally get a hobby that actually sticks for more than a week?

Or maybe you’ve recently started a new chapter in your life? Got married? Had a baby? New job? Moved to another city? And you’d like to celebrate that milestone. Make the most of it. Mark it in your life’s calendar with a big red X.

But how?

I’ll tell you a story of how I did it and then show you how you can do it yourself.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how to never fail to keep a resolution again
  • how to create a memoir you’ll be proud to show to your grandkids
  • how taking photos improves your self-confidence
  • how to take better photos without spending thousands on new camera
  • how to add mindfulness to your every day life.

How I started a wonderful hobby thay stuck with me for years

It was summer of 2013. I just moved with my girlfriend to a new house. That meant no more renting apartments or moving. It was a new beginning for us. We finally had a home.

One evening I was sitting in an empty room on the only chair we had back then. Now what? - I thought to myself. - Is that it?

I’m a goal driven guy. And now that I achieved the ultimate goal of getting a house I felt accomplished, but at the same time - hungry for more. I needed a new goal to pursue, a new challenge.

Then, I got an idea.

I remembered I had an old camera in one of the boxes we brought from the previous apartment. Entry level DSLR with a 50mm lens. Good for beginner, but nothing fancy.

I decided I’ll start taking photos every day. To document our new life I planned to save one of the pics each day. The goal was to have an album of 365 photos after one year.

On August 13th, 2013 I took my first photo and started my 365 Project.

And boy, did that simple decision changed my life forever.

What 365 Project did for me and others? And what it will do for you?

I’ve been taking photos every day for more than 6 years now. I helped more than 10,000 people start their own 365 Projects.

And I have never met anyone who completed the challenge and regretted it. In fact, around 90% of people who complete the project, start another one the very next day.

That’s how powerful the habit is. And people benefit from it in many ways. Here’s just few examples of how 365 project will change you.

💪 You will keep your resolutions

With a 365 project you’ll learn to be consistent, and how important it is to show up every day. It teaches you that big goals are made of small steps. A beautiful album of 365 photos only takes one photo a day to create.

Along the way you’ll develop traits like:

  • patience
  • confidence
  • self awareness.

You can use 365 project to keep any resolution. Let’s say you want to learn to play guitar. All you have to do is take a photo of you playing guitar every day.

Want to start jogging? Snap a pic after your morning run and save it in your 365 project. Want to read more? Shoot a selfie with the book you’re reading. Every single day.

The possibilities are endless. 365 project is different than any other habit tracking tool because it requires a proof of you actually committing to your resolution - a photo.

„Pic or it didn’t happen!”, right?

😍 You will create an amazing memoir

At the time of writing this, I'm on my seventh year of taking photos daily. That's more than 2000 photos over 7 years. You might think, it's a lot, but it really is not. 2000 photos is what many of us shoot on a week-long vacation.

We take too many photos. 24 shots of lunch here, 72 selfies there and by the end of the day there's more than a hundred new images. Most of them will never be seen again.

The goal of the 365 project is to actually take fewer photos and at the same time make each of the frames significant.

I often browse through my past photo journals, and so does my wife. It's addictive. I can't wait to show those albums to my children and then grandchildren.

😎 You will gain self-confidence

There’s nothing worse for your self-confidence than failing to keep yet another resolution or giving up on yet another goal or even a dream.

With 365 project you’ll break your big goals into days, tiny milestones. And every one of them will bring you closer to the big success.

This builds up your confidence. Week after week you’ll be more confident about reaching the goal you’ve set.

Feeling of accomplishment after taking photo no. 365 without missing a single day is indescribable. People are buying champagne, cakes and throwing parties to celebrate the achievement.

After completing the challenge you’ll feel unstoppable.

📸 You will take better photos

Jerry Uelsmann, a professor of University of Florida once divided his photography students into two groups. The final grade for one group depended on the quantity of photos they took (more photos meant higher grade).

Second’s group’s grade was based on the quality of the image - they could’ve just taken one photo and still get an A as long as the image was extraordinary good.

What do you think happened? Did quality over quantity rule applied there? Just the opposite. Students who were required to take as many photos as they could produced much better images than the „quality” group.


You can’t get worse at something by doing it every day. Being required to take photos for 365 days in a row will improve your photography skills whether you want it or not.

It’s all about daily practice.

Here are some photos I took during my 365 project. Remember, I’m an amateur and had no previous experience in photography. I just showed up with a camera every day.

🎉 You will add mindfulness to your everyday life

Study shows that social media can cause depression. What you see on Instagram or Facebook is not real life. It’s a constant stream of highlights of someone else's life. And if you’re just sitting on a couch swiping your phone’s screen, mindlessly watching the festival of fakeness, bragging and pretending, no wonder you feel depressed.

Think about it. Is it really possible to maintain the lifestyles you see on Instagram? Of course not. People mostly share their happy moments (or pretend-to-be-happy moments) and if you look closer, the photos they share are not taken day by day. That’s because it’s impossible to be crazy ecstatic 24/7.

With 365 project the goal is to document every day of your life. And it does not matter if you’re happy or sad. Spent the whole day at work or on vacation. If you’re alone or with friends. Full of energy or sick.

It's documenting instead of faking your life.

Your 365 project creates a bigger picture of who you really are, not who you pretend to be on social media.

Taking a look at your Instagram profile will not give you any hints on which field of your life you need to work on. When doing a 365 project on the other hand you’ll notice exactly what part of your life needs improvement.

Imagine you’re taking daily photos but struggling to get a family pic second week in a row. Those last two weeks were just photos from your office. Hey, maybe you work too much? Slow down.

Or maybe it’s been seven days since you managed to snap a daily photo outdoors. Well, maybe you should go out more? Take a walk every now and then.

Learn from your 365 project and live a better life.

What’s the best place to start a 365 Project?

On August 14th 2014 I published my 365th photo. I reached the goal and never missed a day. I felt accomplished and very happy about myself. I gathered some followers along the way as well. I even inspired other people to start their own 365 projects.

But during those 12 months of the challenge there was something missing. The community. A group of like-minded people who would understand what I want to accomplish with 365 project (not-so-fun-fact: not everyone in your circle will understand and support the idea of 365 projects).

I wanted to have a community of people who’d support each other on their way to 365th pic.

I decided to build a site that would bring those people together.

I did. And I called it Tookapic.

This is how a profile looks on Tookapic.
This is how a profile looks on Tookapic.

„If it doesn’t contribute to the goal, get rid of it”

That’s the ultimate rule I followed when building Tookapic. That’s why every single feature on the site pushes you towards the 365th photo. There are no distractions.

I used my 6 years of experience in daily photo taking and turned that into a website that makes running a 365 project fun, easy, exciting and extremely rewarding.

When you sign up for Tookapic, here's exactly what you'll do:

  • You'll join a fun photography challenge.
  • You'll create a year-long album of your daily life.
  • You'll improve your photography.
  • You'll develop a habit of capturing every day in a photo.
  • You'll paint a bigger picture of who you really are.
  • You'll prove yourself you can achieve your goals.
  • You'll get to know your camera inside and out.
  • You'll be reminded of beautiful moments from the past.
  • You'll stay motivated to keep going.
  • You'll never run out of ideas for a photo.
  • You'll be able to order prints in less than 3 minutes.

Tookapic's process has been developed for over 5 years. It's been designed to make 365 projects easy. It's been used by more than 10,000 people like you all over the world.

Start Your 365 Project For Free

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  • 365 Project Platform
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  • Personal Timeline
  • Hate-free Community
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Why people pay for Tookapic?

“Tookapic has taught me to find beauty and magic in all things, and to make every single day count.”

Agnieszka Bladzik

Tookapic is one of very few virtual communities, which exists without hate, bad emotions, empty criticism and all these negative feelings which are typical for most of social media.”


“I've learned a lot and I know that everything is possible with good energy, practise and equipment. Tookapic was a brilliant idea to start 2017!


“This project gave me so much joy and happiness, no words will describe it. Friendship with the camera is a good friendship. Now I know the camera better, I know what I can expect from.

My skills are constantly growing, thanks to daily practice. Photos made my day better, my year better, so my life better.

Taking pictures makes me happier. It's a extra smile, a extra joy that I wouldn't have without Tookapic. It gives me incredible strength.”


“It was such an amazing experience to being part of this incredible project.”


Why not do a 365 Project on Instagram?

You could. You could do it on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook or your own blog. But! Here's how Tookapic is different from other photo sharing platforms.

  • Tookapic has been designed specifically for 365 Projects. It only allows you to assign single photo to a day, so you don’t end up with a messy photo journal. It helps you keep track of your progress.
  • Tookapic is chronological. No messy feeds. You're being shown what you followed. No content will disappear when you refresh the page.
  • Tookapic shows your content to 100% of your followers. No sneaky algorithms. If you post a photo, every single of your followers will get it in their feed.
  • Tookapic is a paid community, so people signing up are truly committed to the project. Members are friendly and supportive. It's paid, but you can try it for free!
  • Tookapic is ads-free. My main focus is to make your life better, not to make more money from ads.
  • Tookapic is troll-free. No troll would sign up to a paid site just to post hateful comments.
  • Tookapic is a bootstrapped company. It's being run by just 2 people. There are no investors behind the project. That means nobody will force us to sell out, or otherwise change the service. I only listen to my users.
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