Photo Journaling Platform Helping You Document Your Life One Day at a Time

Take part in life-changing 365-day challenge that will help you transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary photo album.

This is how it looks like:

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Easy to follow, elegantly simple, proven process of creating an unforgettable photo album you’ll be proud to show your friends.

Tookapic already helped more than 10,000 people to create an eye-opening photo journal. Join them on an amazing, photography journey. When you sign up for Tookapic here’s exactly what will happen.

  • You will develop a wonderful habit - By taking photos every day you’ll improve your self-discipline and get a huge self-confidence boost once you complete the challenge.
  • You will experience the wonder of JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) - There are no sneaky algorithms to decide what to display in your feed. On Tookapic YOU decide what you want to see and then we just show it to you. Chronologically.
  • You will be more mindful and authentic - Tookapic is designed for you to focus on YOUR story. Not to keep up with influencers. There are no push notifications or company profiles. On Tookapic you’ll be sharing your photos mostly with your future self. At your own pace.
  • You will start to appreciate everyday moments - What you see on Instagram is a curated highlight reel, not the real life. By documenting every day, no matter if it’s good or bad, you’ll learn to appreciate your mundane daily moments.
  • You will create a memoir you’ll be proud of - Would you show your Instagram profile to your grandchildren? Yeah… that’s what I thought. Me neither. On Tookapic you will create a legacy. A photo album you’ll be proud (and not embarrassed) to show.
  • You will present your photos in style - Tookapic is a perfectly proportioned, chronological photo album. Your images will display in high quality with little to no compression. Neatly organized in custom galleries.
  • You will be the best photographer among your friends - Whether you want it or not, you will improve your photography skills. It’s impossible not to get better when you practice every day. Your friends will be jealous.
  • You will actually browse your photos regularly - Take hundreds of pics every day. Never sort. Complain phone is full. Fill hard drive. Never look at the photos again. Sounds like you? Well, no more!

Tookapic makes me stop and look around and see the beauty right in front of my eyes, whether I am at home or travelling around the world.

Julie Chamay
Julie Chamay
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We believe every day is worth celebrating. This is not Instagram. This is life. Unfiltered.

We strive to change the way people share their photos online because we believe photography is more than applying a vintage filter to a snapshot.

By sharing one photo a day we tell our stories. The good ones. And the bad ones.

We don’t pretend. We don’t brag.

We document. We improve.

One day at a time.

In a world of oversharing and overdoing it, we’re embracing simplicity and cultivating a refreshing revolution.

Forget what others are doing online and embrace the evolution of your own life. There’s more to life than likes, followers and influence.

As you share one photo a day for a year, you’ll watch your own chronological timeline come to life with simple and spectacular memories that have shaped your story.

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An album for your "not-to-be-forgotten" family photos that don't belong on Instagram

Do you ever ask yourself: "Where did the time go? It wasn't THAT long ago since we came home with out first child, was it?"

There's so much going on in your kids' world. And you know that without a proper album all that will be forgotten over time.

Tookapic is a warm and friendly place for photos like that. Not only the Instagram-ish highlights, not only "the best of" reel, not only the Disneyland trip photos but also the candid shots of precious moments, unposed "slices of life" kind of album.

Tookapic distills the essence of our family life. It’s the only photo album me and my wife revisit everyday. Tookapic is like a self-creating family photo journal. Love it!

Pawel Kadysz
Pawel Kadysz
Father of two

Boost your photography skills. No fancy camera needed. No experience required either.

You might be disheartened because of your lack of experience and expertise. That's normal. We've all been there.

With Tookapic's photo-a-day challenge you'll make your photography intentional. You'll go from "spray and pray" mode to shooting with a purpose.

The self imposed requirement to take, edit, and post a photo every day will do more for you and your photography than anything else.

During my first year on Tookapic I learned how to set proper exposure for different situations, how to use manual mode, how to get results I want, how to edit photos and so much more...

Łukasz Brożek
Łukasz Brożek
On Tookapic since 2016
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Easy to start. No commitment. No risk.

No spam, no ads, and no bots to invade your space, feed you lies, or steal your time.

If the service is free - you are the product. We’re not Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We don’t gather data, run complex algorithms and feed you ads. Instead, we charge a small monthly fee of $9/mo, so you can enjoy the service, ads-free.

Here’s what you will NOT experience on Tookapic.

  • No app to install.
  • No sneaky algorithms.
  • No ads or sponsored content.
  • No push notifications.
  • No harassment.
  • No hate speech.
  • No stickers.
  • No filters.

Tookapic is an absolutely beautiful way to manage my 365 project with the bonus of an interactive and supportive global community.

1600+ days on Tookapic.

Join more than 10,000 photography enthusiasts documenting their everyday life

  • Parents - Create a photo album of your kids growing up. One day after another.
  • Travelers - Capture places you visit. Create an album your friends will want to see.
  • Newlyweds - New chapter in your life is a perfect moment to start a photo journal.
  • Just Moved - Start discovering your new home with camera by your side.
  • Photographers - Taking daily photos is the best way to learn and improve your photography.
  • Everyone else - Simply do something today that your future self will thank you for.

"Knowing that every photograph, good or bad, can be a learning experience. From picking a subject to composing to post processing, there is much to be learned from daily exercise."

- Michael Gatton

"Catching all the little enjoyable moments in my life. Since I started I value them more."

- Teresa

"Tookapic has helped me to be more conscious of what goes into taking a photograph be it be a simple subject or a not. I also find myself trying to learn more about composition, lighting, etc."

- Phillip Flores

"I love to look at the pictures in my tookapic profile, because it always brings back memories to wonderful days and experiences. Tookapic is kind of a photo diary for me."

- Kim

"People are friendly, non judgmental and always happy to help out with suggestions or opinions if asked - there’s no negativity or putting down of other people’s work."

- Lauren Huston

"Tookapic is a warm friendly environment to share your daily pics. I have found friends all over the world who motivate me with their words and photos."

- Craig Duffield
Join free for one month
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Starting at just $5.75 a month

Tookapic is a warm and friendly place for your every day photos. A place with no hate, influencers, bots, spam, ads or sponsored content. And everything is included in a monthly price of a single cup of coffee.

The price we ask for the service is also a fraction of what a new lens costs, not to mention a new camera. And yet, Tookapic will do so much better to your photography than new gear.

What do you get for that price?

  • Gorgeous Profile Page to display your everyday photos. Sort them by popularity, date. You can even find photos you took within a certain date range.
  • Retro Prints of your photos. Inspired by Polaroid and Instax photos, you can order a high quality prints of your Tookapic images in less than a minute.
  • Unlimited Custom Galleries to get your photos organized by theme, people or places. You can also use galleries to collect inspiring images from other community members.
  • Weekly Themes so you never run out of ideas for your next photo. Every Monday we announce a new theme for the week. It's an additional challenge to engage your creativity.
  • The Journey is a way of reminding you about photos you took in the past. We'll automatically show you pics you took week, month or year ago.
  • Achievements thay you unlock for completing certain activities and challenges. You can place unlocked badges on your profile page.
  • Amazing Community of like-mined people focused on the same, ambitious idea. No influencers. No racing for likes.
  • Support from people who actually make Tookapic, including the founder who actively uses the platform with you.

Why is Tookapic paid anyway?

To keep the lights on. Tookapic is just two people team. What you see here was bootstrapped from scratch. There is no big investor behind this project. And that’s good. Nobody will make us sell to a big company and leave our users with nothing.

Besides that - Tookapic delivers value. Every single user who paid for Tookapic said it was 100% worth it.

And last but not least...

Tookapic is a job for us. A job we love, but still a job.

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Sounds good, but you're still not sure if Tookapic is right for you? Please read this.

As attractive as Tookapic is, I know that only a fraction of people will take up the challenge. Although that's ok with us from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally.

You see, I know how much our users benefit from Tookapic. I read their emails, their comments, I talk to them in person and hundreds each year tell me that Tookapic has proved to them they can stick with a resolution. It boosts their self-confidence. It improves their photography. It helps them live a better life.

Because of this I just hate the tought of someone not trying photo journaling due to some error in our explanation above.

That's why I tried to figure out why you might say "no" to our free trial. I listed all the questions you might have.

Funnily enough, the answer to all of them is yes.

Join free for one month
It costs $9/mo but you can use it free for 30-days.

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