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Take more photos.
Better photos.

Most beginner photographers struggle with taking photos regularly, so they never really improve.

That’s why we came up with a simple challenge that gives you a reason to pick up the camera every day. Our users quickly turn from just „camera owners” into real Photographers.

Tookapic is a photo project for amateurs that will teach and motivate you to take better photos.
Tookapic is a photo project for amateurs that will teach and motivate you to take better photos.

You know you should use your camera more often, but you just can’t seem to find motivation to do that.

Think about your camera. It’s probably gathering dust in the closet. You love taking photos. But you only pick up your camera on special occasions like trips, vacation or parties.

It’s frustrating. Some invisible force keeps you from using your camera more often. Which is it?

  • You don’t have time?
  • You’re not motivated?
  • You have no ideas for a good photo?

Or maybe - just like it did for most of us - life happened?

Your partner, kids, house, your job, company, mortgage, dog, redoing the kitchen or lately… the corona virus got in the way?

Your passion for taking photos had to give way to the everyday mundane life. That hobby you love so much and want to practice has gone aside.

You only take photos on special occasions.

And when you do, once in a blue moon, pick up your camera you make an event out of it. You feel nervous or maybe even despair of taking a good image.

In the end it turns out you don’t know your gear well enough to take good photos. Your images come out either too dark, too light, blurred or just boring.

So you put the camera on the shelf again. It’s safer that way. When unused, it makes you less disappointed.

And that cycle goes on.

You don't know how you can make time for photography in your busy everyday life.

What if you could actually use that lack of time? Turn the chaos of everyday life to your advantage. What if you could use the everyday mundanity as a reason to take photos daily. What if you just started to document what’s happening around you?

Isn’t that the ultimate goal of photography anyway?

Just imagine:

  • Photography becomes a habit for you, a part of your day.
  • Daily practice with your camera starts to feel like brushing your teeth. You just do it, without thinking.
  • When you put the camera to your eye, you focus on the framing, composition and light, not on all the settings.
  • You learned your camera inside and out. All the dials and buttons - you know all of that by heart.
  • You know exactly what your camera is capable of and what you can accomplish together.
  • You’re able to find beautiful frames in mundane daily life.
  • You have a reason to pick up your camera every day.
  • Your friends become jelous of how much your photography improved.

You keep wondering if you’re good enough to share your photography with the world.

Your photos might not make people go „WOW!”… yet. But hey, here’s something I want you to remember:

You don’t need to be great to start. But you need to start to become great. - I know, easier said than done.

You’re probably afraid of what others might think. Especially your friends and family. Or that you’ll get unpleasant comments online.

I know exactly how you feel.

Sharing your work with the wrong crowd can backfire and discourage you even more. You need to pick your crowd carefully.

It’s 2020 and there’s so many ways to share your photos. Instagram, Facebook, photography forums, 500px, Eyeem. And yet, instead of encouraging you to improve, most of the platforms do the exact opposite.

  • Instagram is full of random people, posting random photos. „Show bobs end vegine” from a foreign spam bot is probably the only feedback you can count on.
  • Facebook groups and photography forums are feeding to know-it-alls. Oh boy, have you ever tried to post a photo with „I’m just starting out, can you rate my photo?” comment? RIP your self-esteem.
  • 500px, Eyeem and similar platforms are fairly friendly… but targeted at high-end, top-tier professionals. Not the amateurs like you and me.

No wonder you’re stuck and maybe even afraid to share anything, anywhere. Nobody likes to be judged.

I know how you feel.

Just few years ago I felt the same way about my photography. I wanted to take photos, but I was not satisifed with the results I was getting, so my camera was gathering dust.

I told myself that to improve, I had to put in hours of hard work, learning and practice. And I didn’t have that time.

But in reality, all I needed was a reason to pick up a camera every day. I needed a goal or a simple challenge.

Just like you do now.

Tookapic to the rescue!

Tookapic is photo journaling platform that encourages you to share your photos in a unique way. The whole idea is based on 365 Project rules - one photo a day for a year.

Tookapic does many things, but the main goal is to get you excited and motivated about picking your camera every day.

Here’s what’s going to happen when you join us…

You will be motivated to take photos often

Tookapic uses the power of habit and deliberate daily practice. We challenge you - take and publish one photo a day. Every day.

What makes Tookapic different from Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms is that it only allows you to assign one photo to each day in the calendar.

The results of this approach are spectacular.

You will take better photos

To improve your photography you don’t need to take many photos. You need to take them often. Instead of posting tens of snapshots every day, we encourage you to publish just one photo a day, but make it significant one.

You will learn to be selective about the photos worth keeping. You’ll be taking more photos that matter to you. More pictures worth printing and worth coming back to.

You will learn your camera inside and out

Daily deliberate practice with your camera will help you understand how everything works. It's impossible not to improve.

Every Monday we announce a new weekly theme as an additional challenge. Taking part will take you out of your photography comfort zone. You’ll try out new techniques, experience new inspiration and will never run out of ideas for your next photo.

You will share photos with friendly people

It’s so much easier to stay motivated when you know there’s hundreds of people from all over the world doing the same. It’s even easier when you know many of them are actually waiting for your daily photo.

The fact that Tookapic is a paid platform makes everyone here committed and engaged with the idea of 365 projects. There is no hate, spam, bots or ads. Just pure love for photography and a will to improve.

You will learn not to compare yourself to others

Comparison is the thief of joy. That’s why on Tookapic the likes are hidden. You can see the number of likes only on your pictures. That way you’ll be comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

Majority of our users are just amateurs passionate about photography. They share their experience in a friendly manner. You won’t find any arogant „know-it-alls” on Tookapic.

You will create an album that you will be proud of

Tookapic is not a place for photos you want others to like now. It’s a place for photos you will love in the future.

On Tookapic you’ll learn to appreciate the mundane everyday life. You know what I’m talking about - those „slices-of-life” moments that you’d never put on Instagram. You will find and capture the beauty of those moments. Moments that would’ve been missed otherwise.

How does 365 project work?

In this 4-minute video you’ll learn how this simple challenge will impact your photography and daily life.

During my first year on Tookapic I learned how to set proper exposure for different situations, how to use manual mode, how to get results I want, how to edit photos and so much more.

Łukasz Brożek
Łukasz Brożek
on Tookapic since 2016

Photography was supposed to be just a hobby but once my photos got better and better, I started making money. Made more than $4,000 from selling my photos.

Paweł Kadysz
Paweł Kadysz
on Tookapic since 2014

Tookapic really helped me take better photos, so much so that I landed a prestigious solo exhibition with sales I could only of dreamed of before starting.

Ian Prince
Ian Prince
on Tookapic since 2015

Try Tookapic free for 7 days. Sign up and get motivated to pick up your camera every day.

Singing up is free and will only take you a moment. After you sing up you will get immediate access to the Tookapic photo journaling platform.

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How does Tookapic look inside?

Tookapic has been designed with one goal in mind - to keep you motivated to take photos daily. Every single feature serves that purpose.

Your beautiful profile page

Minimal profile page that makes your daily photos stand out. You can easily sort your gallery by popularity or date.

Weekly themes

Every Monday we announce a new weekly theme. It’s an additional challenge for anyone who wants to try something new.

The Journey

We’ll be showing you photos you took in the past. Yesterday, week, month or ever three years ago. It’s a great way to see how much your photography improved over time.

Unlimited Galleries

You can use Galleries to organize your own images or collect inspiring images from other photographers.

More than 750,000 photos published

9 out of 10 people who complete our challenge start another one the very next day. Because it's fun, engaging and satisfying.

"Knowing that every photograph, good or bad, can be a learning experience. From picking a subject to composing to post processing, there is much to be learned from daily exercise."

- Michael Gatton

"I love to look at the pictures in my tookapic profile, because it always brings back memories to wonderful days and experiences. Tookapic is kind of a photo diary for me."

- Kim

"Catching all the little enjoyable moments in my life. Since I started I value them more."

- Teresa

"People are friendly, non judgmental and always happy to help out with suggestions or opinions if asked - there’s no negativity or putting down of other people’s work."

- Lauren Huston

"Tookapic has helped me to be more conscious of what goes into taking a photograph be it be a simple subject or a not. I also find myself trying to learn more about composition, lighting, etc."

- Phillip Flores

"Tookapic is a warm friendly environment to share your daily pics. I have found friends all over the world who motivate me with their words and photos."

- Craig Duffield

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