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You love photography, so...

Why is your camera
gathering dust?

I'll show you how to motivate yourself to pick up your camera every day and improve your photography.

You're not a professional photographer, but you love taking photos. Not Instagram snapshots, but real photos.

That's why you got yourself a proper camera. Awesome!

You remember that pulse-pounding feeling of excitement you got whenever you picked up that camera. What happened with that?

Life happened. It happens to all of us.

Your job got busy, life interfered, you got married, maybe had kids. And then you stopped carrying the camera with you everywhere. You focused on other things.

Here's my guess. The camera, that good old friend of yours is gathering dust in one of the drawers. Why?

You somehow lost your photography mojo. Felt like there was nothing new for you to photograph. You took fewer and fewer photos every day.

"I want to use my camera more often, but I just can't seem to find motivation to do that."

Sounds familiar?

It's not like you gave up on photography completely. You still love it. You just need a spark of inspiration. A reason to pick up your camera again.

You go online to learn something new.

  • watch tons of tutorials on YouTube
  • take an online photography course
  • join a photography group on Facebook
  • spend money on new gear
  • go on Instagram for „inspiration”
  • read a book on photography
  • or even attend a workshop

Nothing seems to stick. You see no improvement. And small bursts of motivation quickly deplete.

Here’s the truth…

We approach motivation all wrong. If you’re always waiting for inspiration, that’s a problem.

Here's how it works. You don't need to get motivated to take photos. You need to take photos to get motivated.

Motivation comes from taking action. When you start taking action, motivation follows. Not the other way around.

More good news: Humans learn by doing.

Even the most expensive gear won’t make you a better photographer. No book or course will help you improve if you don’t take photos often. The only way to develop and stay motivated is to pick up that camera and go shooting.

Here’s why:

  • Once the course is over so is your motivation.
  • You can’t learn photography from a book.
  • You’re on your own, there’s no support or feedback.

There’s a better way to stay motivated and improve as a photographer. And it’s much cheaper than courses or even books.

You simply need to take photos and share them with others.

There is a problem though.

People are creative and feel the natural need to share something with the world, but most of them don’t think they’re good enough.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You’re a creative person, but you don’t create that much.
  • You do create, but you don’t share your work.
  • You wanted to start some kind of a project for a long time but there always was an excuse.
  • You want to share something with the world but you’re afraid of what others might think. Especially your friends and family.
  • You feel like opportunities are passing by you.

Haven’t we all been there?

Sharing your work with the wrong crowd can backfire and discourage you even more

It’s 2020 and there’s so many ways to share your photos. Instagram, Facebook, photography forums, 500px, Eyeem. And yet, instead of encouraging you to improve, most of the platforms do the exact opposite.

  • Instagram is full of random people, posting random photos. „Show bobs end vegine” from a foreign spam bot is probably the only feedback you can count on.
  • Facebook groups and photography forums are feeding to know-it-alls. Oh boy, have you ever tried to post a photo with „I’m just starting out, can you rate my photo?” comment? RIP your self-esteem.
  • 500px, Eyeem and similar platforms are fairly friendly… but targeted at high-end, top-tier professionals. Not the amateurs like you and me.

No wonder you’re stuck and maybe even afraid to share anything, anywhere. Nobody likes to be judged.

So basically you have two options:

  1. Give up on pursuing your goals. Sell that camera. Abandon the idea of becoming a better photographer. You tried it and it didn’t work out. Just leave it.
  2. Keep reading...

What you really need is a challenge, a clear goal, an easy to follow process and friendly support.

Trying to learn anything without a goal, process and support is like putting pockets on baby clothes. It is 100% pointless.

Think, how much easier would it be to improve if you had a proven, time-tested process that made learning photography fun, engaging and satisfying?


  • knowing your camera inside and out
  • getting comforable with manual mode
  • being able to see the progress you make
  • adding a purpose to your learning process
  • developing a habit of picking up your camera every day
  • never running out of creative ideas for a photoshoot
  • being surrounded by friendly, like-minded people
  • making your friends jelous of your skills
  • being fu*king proud of your photos

When I was starting out my photography adventure 6 years ago, there was no platform that could provide all that.

It simply didn’t exist...

So I decided to make it. I called it Tookapic.

Introducing a Photo Project
for Non-Photographers

A simple challenge for non-professionals. A reason to pick up the camera every day. An easy way learn photography and improve self-discipline.

Tookapic is a photo sharing platform where accountants, programmers, teachers, marketers, lawyers, doctors, college students and other non-photographers share their passion for photography.

This is where photographers are born.

It’s a simple, yet surprisingly effective challenge that helps you grow as a person and improve as a photographer. A challenge that - once completed - will make you shout „Hell yeah! I made it!”

No fancy camera needed. No previous experience in photography required either. All you need is 10 minutes and one photo a day.

One photo a day. Every day.

To improve your photography, you don’t need to take many photos. You need to take photos often.

„Tookapic really helped me take better photos, so much so that I landed a prestigious solo exhibition with sales I could only of dreamed of before starting.”

Ian Prince
Ian Prince
on Tookapic since 2015

You need to get into the habit of taking photos every day. Why? Because something you do once a week is not a habit. It’s a chore, an obligation.

The key to improvement is daily practice. The idea here is repetition, showing up every day. You need to start taking photos daily. No excuses. No questions asked.

Taking photos needs to become like brushing your teeth. You need to do it otherwise it doesn’t feel good.

Why just one photo a day?

It will teach you to be selective about the ones worth saving. Instead of posting tens of snapshots a day, our process encourages you to publish one significant photograph a day.

Why 365 days?

Ansel Adams once said: „Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” And that’s true. You can’t deliver amazing photos every day for 365 days straight.

But it’s much easier to get those twelve significant photos if you do actually go shooting daily.

Go from „spray and pray”
to mindful photography

That simple requirement to take, edit, and post one photo every day will do more for you and your photography than anything else.

"During my first year on Tookapic I learned how to set proper exposure for different situations, how to use manual mode, how to get results I want, how to edit photos and so much more."

Łukasz Brożek
Łukasz Brożek
member since 2016

With Tookapic’s photo-a-day challenge you’ll make your photography intentional. You’ll go from „spray and pray” mode to shooting with a purpose.

In no time, you’ll be getting valuable experience and lessons from following a simple process that’s been proven to work by more than 10,000 people.

Challenge yourself creatively

Get out of your photography zone. Try and learn new photo taking techniques and styles.

"Photography was supposed to be just a hobby but once my photos got better and better, I started making money. Made more than $4,000 from selling my photos."

Pawel Kadysz
Pawel Kadysz
member since 2014

The „one photo a day” limit is an effective way to challenge yourself to create and share something every day.

Good photographers don't rely on motivation. They rely on discipline and the daily practice.

And yes, there will be days you will unleash the creativity you didn’t even suspect yourself of.

Join the like-minded community

People who seek to prove themselves, improve their self-discipline and take better photos by commiting to a long-term challenge of daily practice.

„Tookapic is an absolutely beautiful way to manage my 365 project with the bonus of an interactive and supportive global community.”

member since 2016

People on Tookapic are not random. You’ll create your photo journal alongside hundreds of others. You’ll be inspired and motivated by users from all over the world sharing the same goal

One photo a day for a year.

Join the fantastic community of photography enthusiasts (not pros) from all different walks of life and photography experience.

All that for $1.30 per week.
Less than half of a Big Mac 🍔

There are two ways you can pay for Tookapic. Monthly subscripion or annual payment. If you choose annual plan, you will get 3 months free and your investment will only be $1.30 a week.

  • less than cheapest Starbucks coffee
  • less than about 100ml of beer in US or London
  • less than shortest ever Uber ride
  • less than half a Big Mac
  • less than 0,13% of the iPhone 11 Pro price (you'd have to stay on Tookapic for more than 14 years to pay as much).

Ready to start your 365 project?

Try Tookapic today, free for 7 days. It’ll take you less than 3 minutes to get up and running and publish your first photo.

1 month

Only $2 a week.

Billed every month.

Cancel anytime.

1 year

Only $1.30 a week.

You save 27%.

Cancel anytime.

Start Free Trial
Try free for 7 days. No credit card required.

What’s included?

Signing up gives you instant access to Tookapic platform. You’ll be able to publish your first photo right away.

  • Everything needed to start & finish a 365 project.
  • Access to a global community of more than 10,000 people sharing the same goal - taking photos every day
  • Proven process that will improve your photography
  • Access to weekly themes (announced every Monday)
  • Tools to track your progress as a photographer.
  • Unlockable badges and achievements.
  • Easy way to filter and sort your photo album.
  • Unlimited custom galleries to keep things in order.
  • Private messages to contact fellow photographers.
  • Quick way to order high quality prints of your photos.

365 project does so much more good to your photography than any new gear, tutorial, workshop or a course

And yet people keep spending thousands of dollars on shiny new lenses, video tutorials and workshops with famous photographers.

There’s one problem with that.

In no way it encourages you to keep taking photos. After the workshop or a course is over, you’re on your own. There’s no motivation to keep going. No reason to pick up your camera.

On the other hand, committing to a 365 project is the best reason to pick up your camera every single day. That’s the actual point of the challenge.

So instead of spending another $1,000 on something that will not work for you, give Tookapic a try for fraction of that price.

Give Tookapic a try
First week is 100% Free.

Why is Tookapic paid?

To keep the lights on. Tookapic is just two people team. What you see here was bootstrapped from scratch. There is no big investor behind this project. And that’s good. Nobody will make us sell to a big company and leave our users with nothing.

Thanks to this small monthly fee we're able to keep the community hate-free. People who join us are 100% committed to the idea of 365 projects.

  • We don't serve ads
  • We don't sell your data
  • We don't allow hate or spam
  • There are no influncers here
  • No sponsored content either

No spam, no ads, and no bots to invade your space, feed you lies, and steal your time. Just pure love for photography.

Besides that - Tookapic delivers value. Every single user who paid for Tookapic said it was 100% worth it.

The price we ask for the service is a fraction of what new lens cost, not to mention a new camera. And yet, Tookapic will do so much better to your photography than new gear.

And last but not least.

Tookapic is a job for us. A job we love, but still a job.

More than 750,000 photos published

9 out of 10 people who complete our challenge start another one the very next day. Because the process works works.

  • 5 years of experience - for half a decade we’ve been polishing the process that helped hundreds of people.
  • Bootstrapped company - there’s no big investor behind this project. You, the customer is our boss.
  • Support from the founder - need help? Just drop us an email, you’ll be getting a reply from the founder, not some nameless support agent.
  • No ads - we serve no ads. Instead we ask for a small monthly fee to cover the costs of running Tookapic.
  • Free trial - no risk - Try Tookapic for 7 days. No credit card required. No payment details upfront. You don’t like it after a week? Cool. You won’t be charged.

„I don’t think I can do a 365 Project.”

That’s what most people think. But in reality it’s nothing more than yet another excuse not to pick up your camera.

„I have no time, no self-discipline, no good camera, no experience. I just can’t do it. A year is such a long time.”

No, it’s not.

That’s it. 365 days. It’s all a year is. Are you saying you can’t take 365 photos? Can’t take one photo a day? Come on.

Do you know what’s the difference between those who manage to complete the 365 project and those who don’t?

People from the first group actually start. The rest gives up before even taking a single photo. How sad is that?

It only takes 10 minutes a day.

Grab your camera, snap your first photo now.

Start Your Free Tookapic Trial
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