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Do something special in 2020 🎉

Start a 365 Project.
Capture a year in Photos.

Take and share one photo a day for a whole year. You will create an unforgettable record of your life and learn to take better photos along the way.

Perfect photo project for beginners.

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„I needed a challenge, something new in my life. I wanted to improve my self-discipline and learn to achieve the goals I set.”

That’s a quote from one of our users. And it’s a problem many people have. Especially after „life happens”. The job gets busy, you get married and maybe have kids. And then you start looking for a change. A moment for yourself in the daily grind.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You want something new in life, but you have trouble reaching your goals.
  • You're creative person, but you don't create that much.
  • You tried dozen of habit-tracking apps and none of them worked for you.
  • You enjoy taking photos, but your camera has been gathering dust in the drawer for ages.
  • You want to know you need to improve your self-discipline.

Sounds like you need some kind of a project. Photography related creative outlet. A place for sharing your photos with the world.

This is an awesome idea. It's new year! Perfect time for starting a creative project. But there's a problem.

People are creative and feel the natural need to share something with the world, but most of them don’t think they’re good enough.

Your photos might not make people go "WOW!"... yet. But hey, here's something I want you to remember: You don't need to be great to start. But you need to start to become great.

I know, easier said than done.

You're probably afraid of what others might think. Especially your friends and family. Or that you'll get unpleasant comments online.

I know exactly how you feel.

When you're starting out, sharing your work with the wrong crowd can backfire and discourage you even more

It’s 2020 and there’s so many ways to share your photos. Instagram, Facebook, photography forums, 500px, Eyeem. And yet, instead of encouraging you to improve, most of the platforms do the exact opposite.

  • Instagram is full of random people, posting random photos. „Show bobs end vegine” from a foreign spam bot is probably the only feedback you can count on.
  • Facebook groups and photography forums are feeding to know-it-alls. Oh boy, have you ever tried to post a photo with „I’m just starting out, can you rate my photo?” comment? RIP your self-esteem.
  • 500px, Eyeem and similar platforms are fairly friendly… but targeted at high-end, top-tier professionals. Not the amateurs like you and me.

No wonder you’re stuck and maybe even afraid to share anything, anywhere. Nobody likes to be judged.

So basically you have two options:

  • Give up on pursuing your goals. Abandon the idea of starting something new. Go back to the daily grind. Just leave it.
  • Join Tookapic and...

Start your own 365 Project

Take and publish one photo a day for a year. Challenge yourself to create and share something every day.

Join the like-minded community

People who seek to prove themselves, improve their self-discipline and take better photos by commiting to a long-term challenge of daily practice.

"Tookapic is an absolutely beautiful way to manage my 365 project with the bonus of an interactive and supportive global community."

1600+ days on Tookapic

People on Tookapic are not random. You’ll create your photo journal alongside hundreds of others. You’ll be inspired and motivated by users from all over the world sharing the same goal

One photo a day for a year.

Join the fantastic community of photographers from all different walks of life and photography experience.

From total amateurs to semi-pros.

Be more creative & disciplined

Develop a habit of picking up your camera every day. Good photographers don't rely on motivation. They rely on discipline and the daily practice.

"Thanks to Tookapic I found time for a hobby in my life, I met a lot of new, interesting people and I started to see beauty in small things, finding joy and happiness in everyday things."

Agnieszka Bladzik
Agnieszka Bladzik
1800+ days on Tookapic

Tookapic uses the power of habit and daily practice. We challenge you to take and publish just one photo a day. Every day.

And the results are astonishing. You’ll learn to be consistent and improve your self discipline. Once you complete the challenge you'll feel unstoppable.

All that with a simple 10-minute daily routine.

Take better photos

To improve your photography, you don’t need to take many photos. You need to take photos often.

"Tookapic really helped me take better photos, so much so that I landed a prestigious solo exhibition with sales I could only of dreamed of before starting."

Ian Prince
Ian Prince
1700+ days on Tookapic

You’ll learn to be selective about the ones worth saving. You’ll take more photos that are significant. Photos that matter to you. Photos worth printing and seeing again.

You’ll get out of your photography comfort zone, try new techniques, get inspired, never run out of ideas for your next photo. And we'll show you exactly how you improved over time.

Document your daily life

It’s not a place for photos you want others to like now. It’s a place for photos you will love in the future.

"Tookapic distills the essence of our family life. It’s the only photo album me and my wife revisit everyday. Tookapic is like a self-creating family photo journal."

Paweł Kadysz
Paweł Kadysz
1800+ days on Tookapic

On Tookapic, you’ll learn to appreciate the „slices of life”. You know, those photos you don’t share on Instagram. You’ll discover beautiful moments in your daily, mundane life. Moments that would’ve been missed and never captured otherwise.

You’ll create a personal photo album with just the right amount of pictures. An album that’s the perfect reflection of you.

An album you’ll be proud of.

Tookapic is for you if
You're willing to follow the rules of a photo-a-day project and put in the required time (~10 minutes a day)
You're up for a fun challenge.
You want to develop your own voice and style in photography.
You want to experiment with all the features of your camera.
You don't expect results tomorrow. You're ok with your first photos being not that good.
Tookapic is NOT for you if
You're not willing to follow the rules and proven process.
You believe high-end DSLR is a better investment than practice.
You want results today!
You're not willing to let go of the idea that every photo you upload must be a great photo.
Selfies & Instagram. That's all photography is about for you.

Ready to crush 2020? 💪

Start your 365 Project today

Try Tookapic today, free for 7 days. It’ll take you less than 3 minutes to get up and running and publish your first photo.

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What's included?

Signing up gives you instant access to Tookapic platform. You’ll be able to publish your first photo right away.

  • Everything needed to start & finish a 365 project.
  • Access to a global community of more than 10,000 people sharing the same goal - taking photos every day
  • Proven process that will improve your photography
  • Access to weekly themes (announced every Monday)
  • Tools to track your progress as a photographer.
  • Unlockable badges and achievements.
  • Easy way to filter and sort your photo album.
  • Unlimited custom galleries to keep things in order.
  • Private messages to contact fellow photographers.
  • Quick way to order high quality prints of your photos.

Why is Tookapic paid?

To keep the lights on. Tookapic is just two people team. What you see here was bootstrapped from scratch. There is no big investor behind this project. And that’s good. Nobody will make us sell to a big company and leave our users with nothing.

Thanks to that small monthly fee we make sure the community stays healthy, and only people who are really committed join us.

  • We don't serve any ads
  • We don't sell your private data
  • We keep the community spam and hate free
  • There are no "influencers"
  • No sponsored content

No spam, no ads, and no bots to invade your space, feed you lies, and steal your time. Just pure love for photography.

Besides that - Tookapic delivers value. Every single user who paid for Tookapic said it was 100% worth it.

The price we ask for the service is a fraction of what new lens cost, not to mention a new camera. And yet, Tookapic will do so much better to your photography than new gear.

And last but not least.

Tookapic is a job for us. A job we love, but still a job.

More than 750,000 photos published

9 out of 10 people who complete our challenge start another one the very next day. Because it's fun, engaging and satisfying.

  • 5 years of experience - for half a decade we’ve been polishing the process that helped hundreds of people.
  • Bootstrapped company - there’s no big investor behind this project. You, the customer is our boss.
  • Support from the founder - need help? Just drop us an email, you’ll be getting a reply from the founder, not some nameless support agent.
  • No ads - we serve no ads. Instead we ask for a small monthly fee to cover the costs of running Tookapic.
  • Free trial - no risk - Try Tookapic for 7 days. No credit card required. No payment details upfront. You don’t like it after a week? Cool. You won’t be charged.

„I don’t think I can do a 365 Project.”

That’s what most people think. But in reality it’s nothing more than yet another excuse not to pick up your camera.

„I have no time, no self-discipline, no good camera, no experience. I just can’t do it. A year is such a long time.”

No, it’s not.

That’s it. 365 days. It’s all a year is. Are you saying you can’t take 365 photos? Can’t take one photo a day? Come on.

Do you know what’s the difference between those who manage to complete the 365 project and those who don’t?

People from the first group actually start. The rest gives up before even taking a single photo. How sad is that?

It only takes 10 minutes a day.

Grab your camera, snap your first photo now.

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