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What is Tookapic?

Tookapic is a social media platform that helps you start and manage your photo journal with the support of a wonderful community.

This is how a Tookapic photo journal looks like:

Why did we build Tookapic?

To change the way people share their lives

Because we believe every day is worth celebrating. Even a bad day has its’ moments worth saving. We built Tookapic to challange the status quo of modern social media.

We believe telling stories is about daily documentation and not praising only the higlights. We stand against the culture of bragging, pretending and faking awesomeness.

To help people learn photography

There’s no better way to learn anything than to practice it often. You can’t get worse at something by doing it every day.

Starting a photo journal is the best thing you can do to improve your photography.

Tookapic makes me stop and look around and see the beauty right in front of my eyes, whether I am at home or travelling around the world.

More than everything, it has made me realize that nothing, nothing beats the here and now!

Tookapic has helped me to be more conscious of what goes into taking a photograph be it be a simple subject or a not. I also find myself trying to learn more about composition, lighting, etc.

Most of all, the photos that are uploaded daily inspire me to really do better.

What’s so special about Tookapic?

Main difference from Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr and other photo sharing apps is that Tookapic only allows you to add one photo to each day in the calendar.

Why just one photo a day?

Because we believe that’s more than enough to document your life. Instead of posting tens of snapshots a day, we encourage you to publish one significant photograph.

Do I need to take photos every day?

That would be the ultimate photo journal, or as some call it - a 365 project with a photo taken every day of the year. Go for it!

I love to look at the pictures in my tookapic profile, because it always brings back memories to wonderful days and experiences. Tookapic is kind of a photo diary for me.

Thanks to tookapic I found time for a hobby in my life, I met a lot of new, interesting people and I started to see beauty in small things, founding joy and happiness in everyday things.

Why use Tookapic?

It’s great way to capture your life

By taking photos every day you create a wonderful album of what your real life actually looks like. It’s different from Instagram where people usually brag about highlights of their life.

You will improve your photography

By taking photos every day you will learn everything about your camera. You will see and be amazed by how your photography improves week after week.

You will meet amazing people

People who decide to start their photo journals are unique. We’re a small crowd of people from all over the world sharing our stories every single day.

People are friendly, non judgmental and always happy to help out with suggestions or opinions if asked - there’s no negativity or putting down of other people’s work.

Tookapic is a warm friendly environment to share your daily pics. I have found friends all over the world who motivate me with their words and photos.

Why is Tookapic paid?

per year
Pay yearly.
Cancel Anytime.

To keep the lights on. Tookapic is just two people team. What you see here was bootstrapped from scratch. There is no big investor behind this project. And that’s good. Nobody will make us sell to a big company and leave our users with nothing.

Besides that - Tookapic delivers value. Every single user who paid for Tookapic said it was 100% worth it.

The price we ask for the service is a fraction of what new lens cost, not to mention a new camera. And yet, Tookapic will do so much better to your photography than new gear.

And last but not least - Tookapic is a job for us. A job we love, but still a job.

Ready to join the tribe?

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Join the community and start documenting your life with one photo a day.

Pawel from Tookapic

Hi, I’m happy to help you with any tookapic subject, however, before you send me a message, please look at Help section where you can find answers for most questions.

We’ll reply shortly!

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