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Stop the oversharing madness on social media. Nobody cares.

In a world of oversharing and overdoing it, we’re embracing simplicity and cultivating a refreshing revolution.

This is life. Unfiltered.

Tookapic is a photo journaling platform and community where you pay $9.00/mo or $69.00/y to take part in life-changing 365-day challenge that will help you you transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

It’s time to break through the comparison that our society promotes, and start appreciating our own stories - one photo at a time.

Forget what others are doing online and embrace the evolution of your own life. There’s more to life than likes. What matters is each milestone you add to your memories.

As you share one photo a day for a year, you’ll watch your own chronological timeline come to life with simple and spectacular memories that have shaped your story.

With Tookapic, one special snapshot adds up to a year’s worth of wonder.

No spam, no ads, and no bots to invade your space, feed you lies, and steal your time.

Join the movement & break through the chaos of photo-sharing on social media.

10,775 open-minded people joined and already shared 637,908 moments.

The membership is $9.00/mo or $69.00/y