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For those who cherish their photos we have high quality retro-styled prints.

Print your photos
Minimum order is just $9,80

Mini Prints

Love Instax Mini photos? We like them too. That's what inspired us to create Tookapic Mini Prints! Cute little cards with your photo and a short note.

  • Format: 5.5 cm x 8.5 cm
  • Paper: High Quality 350gsm cardstock
  • Price: $0,35 per print

Square Prints

Go vintage. Get your photos printed in retro style of old Polaroid pictures. There's even some space for a short note or a date.

  • Format: 9 cm x 11 cm
  • Paper: High Quality 350gsm cardstock
  • Price: $0,40 per print

Ordering your prints

With Tookapic Prints we set out to make printing your 365 project photos as easy as possible. There are two ways you can get your photos printed.

  • Automated sets: Want to print just last month's photos? No problem, we've got that covered. Or maybe you want to have a year-worth of pics printed? That set is waiting for you as well. Your automated sets
  • Custom Sets: Select the photos you want to print. You can choose from your whole archive or a particular gallery, or create a set based on a date range. Your custom sets
Print your photos
Minimum order is just $9,80

Questions? The Answer is YES! 👍

Instead of having another boring FAQ section, here's a list of all the questions you might have, and the answer to all of them is big, loud YES!

  • Are Tookapic photo prints high quality?
  • Is it easy to order prints on Tookapic?
  • Can the prints be delivered to my family abroad?
  • Are Tookapic photo prints shipped worldwide?
  • Will my photos be printed within a week?
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