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Continue your journey with one of the memberships below. Capture your life with one photo a day. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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What do you get with the membership?

Access to our online photo journaling platform from any device
Your very own chronological online photo album
Support from the people that actually make tookapic including the founder
No apps required to install
No contracts
Daily backup
Access to the journey
Unlimited custom galleries
Sorting your photo album
Daily reminders with photos from the past
Rating your day
New weekly theme every Monday
Access to supportive and engaging community
Unlockable badges
Automatically generated print sets
Private messages
Easy way to find a photo from any particular day in the past
Quick way to order custom prints

We asked our members what changed for the better since signing up for Tookapic

“Tookapic has taught me to find beauty and magic in all things, and to make every single day count.”

Agnieszka Bladzik

Tookapic is one of very few virtual communities, which exists without hate, bad emotions, empty criticism and all these negative feelings which are typical for most of social media.”


“I've learned a lot and I know that everything is possible with good energy, practise and equipment. Tookapic was a brilliant idea to start 2017!


“This project gave me so much joy and happiness, no words will describe it. Friendship with the camera is a good friendship. Now I know the camera better, I know what I can expect from.

My skills are constantly growing, thanks to daily practice. Photos made my day better, my year better, so my life better.

Taking pictures makes me happier. It's a extra smile, a extra joy that I wouldn't have without Tookapic. It gives me incredible strength.”


It was such an amazing experience to being part of this incredible project.

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