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How to set New Year’s resolutions that are attainable & realistic

Written by Paweł Kadysz

Human beings have been engaging in self-improvement for centuries. We may not get it right every time, but it’s in our DNA to keep pushing forward, to grow, to learn, and to improve. This guide will show you how to set your resolutions the right way.

Available as PDF (19 pages)

What is so special about January 1st?

New Year’s resolutions - everyone does it. But why? What’s so special about the first day of New Year?

How to set a New Year’s Resolution the right way?

There is a very specific set of guidelines, for setting New Year’s resolutions that are attainable, goal-oriented, and realistic.

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolution?

Setting the resolutions is the easier part. Keeping the resolutions is what we all seem to have a problem with.

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