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Day 1,095
3 years
Day 750
styczeń jakiś...
Day 1,095
jest dobrze
O 4:00 pobudka by o 5.30 być już w autobusie, potem kilka kilometrów do przejścia. Nie było dziś mega warunków pogodowych, ale były świetn...
Day 1,846
New dawn, the moon and the mountains
"Lady, by yonder blessed moon I vow That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops" William Shakespeare, Romeo a...
Day 1,845
When the heart says you can make it to the top, to the place you‘ve dreamt of, but when the timing is wrong and you have to turn back 😢
Day 1,522
is it perfect for #theme-superior-interior ? Having ramen with colleague at nearby restaurant
Day 1,074
on a Sunday walk
Day 1,845
R. portrait master!
Day 1,117
It's always tea time
Long, long time ago, when I was a child, my Mum used to take me to work with her. It wasn't bright times. There weren't much in s...
Day 1,929
Playing with the kids on Sunday morning. The photo was taken almost 3 years after this one: Same place, diff...
Day 386
19# | Beyond clouds
Day 1,094
Day 491
Nocturnal Walk
Just before going to see a movie in Carouge, Switzerland
Day 877
19. Les valseuses
Day 1,571
Bye bye Tidy week
and Hello messy world... #bye #bye-bye-last-week #figure #toy-cat
Day 1
Hi, I'm Daria. I like tattoos and coffee. Moon child and sun lover.
Day 749
nie widać nieba...
Day 1,116
The fog
I remember this place... And this memories aren't good...
Day 749
On the Way...
To moja pierwsza zimowa wyprawa z pełnym plecakiem... Ta droga już za mną, ale jak to się mówi, dostałam po tyłku trochę 🤣
Day 1,521
in the museum #spiral-staircases
Day 1,928
Day 65
Half empty or half full?
Day 8
zdjęcie zrobione podczas zabawy na placu zabaw :)
Day 1,844
R. is preparing (and trying!) the cake for our guests :)