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Day 1,167
Day 1,167
Day 1,095
Year 3
3 YEARS ON TOOKAPIC! Up's and Down's. Hi's and Low's. Good and Bad. From the top of the world to the deep bottom. Thank you Tookapic!
Day 2,000
I'm out of zeros
and place on the T-shirt #theme-wtf
Day 1,164
Lady Toaletta
Do obejrzenia reszty zdjęć zapraszam tutaj : #theme-wtf
Day 1,999
This is it. 2000 photos in a row. Without a single day missed. When I posted pic couple of years ago, I thoug...
Day 1,187
Day 822
w śniegu kwietniowym...
Day 802
Mirror Image
Day 1,299
California Dreams
It's not too often that I photograph here during the day, but I went for a walk after work and took the camera. Getting a bit uneasy...
Day 1,118
Spring or Winter
Hard to believe but it was the first snow I saw in Krakow this year
Day 1,360
Red wine
liquid 2 #theme-wtf.
Day 1,615
Day 1,146
ciasteczko? / cookie?
Day 82
Day 2,000
Since I set up the home studio for yesterday's pic, I decided to use it for few days and experiment with different light setups (inspired by...
Day 1,076
Day 821
Magic Forest 🌳🌲
Bieganie po pustym lesie... Cały lasek dla mnie 🏃‍♀️ nie jest to duży las, ale ja też nie jestem duża 😃 #forest #tree #view #spring #m...
Day 1,185
Day 1,185
Day 314
Day 807
wychodząc za potrzebą
Day 1,175
Wednesday Morning Sky