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Day 1,901
to work
my way to work
Day 223
Simple story
Day 2,206
love this winter mood...
Day 1,454
Kawa dla Pani
do obejrzenia reszty zdjęć zapraszam tutaj : #theme-self-portrait
Day 1,111
Forest selfie
To taka inspiracja zdjęciem @jan_pinkosz który podczas biegania często przytula się do drzew... Ja te...
Day 381
Would you like some winter tea? ;-)
Day 1,902
to work
my way to work
Day 2,291
Time flies
Damn. Not even 2 years old yet.
Day 1,208
#15 imitation_bis
when @ianprince saw @kazziz' pic this morning ( he decided to be inspired (
Day 1,398
Day 368
Day 1,112
Byle do wiosny
Dawno już nie fotografowałam żadnych roślinek, ale to zimozielone pnącze po prostu zastąpiło mi drogę. Oto Salsepareille d'Europe, (Smi...
Day 15
Almost last call
Day 1,436
uśpione życie
Day 1,905
lot nad...
Day 380
Day 1,288
Hobby series continued :) I wrote already about listening to music, but I think that even more important is PLAYING the music. I was in scouting...
Day 1,371
Étang du Duzillet
Day 1,076
Five years
It's been five years, since I've taken tookachallenge. Two years, since I posted a similar selfie as my comeback. A lot has changed. Not on...
Day 1,111
nie szukaj...
Day 703
2. 365/703
Day 830
Day #830
Found them in the orchard. As much as I love looking for mushrooms, I didn't have the chance to do it last autumn, at least not in the forest...
Day 2,207
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
Was so happy to see @kazziz posting this morning (, so this is my lit...