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Tell Your Story, the Unfiltered and Human Way

Tookapic is a 365-day photo-sharing platform that encourages you to not only remember the extraordinary days, but to also give thanks to the beautiful, ordinary days in between.

Day 518
Day 532
Bicycle tour
Piękny dzień się zapowiada 🌤️ ale sportowo spadła dziś na mnie niemoc wielka 🤣 trzeba przeczekać 🚶‍♀️ #lake #morning #theme-bicycles
Day 1,009
City Lights
A friend is visiting from Adelaide, and we went for a sunset photo shoot. Unfortunately the clouds that were hanging around just prior to...
Day 876
spacer fotograficzny
Kolejny spacer naszej lubelskiej grupy, wyszłam na chwilę, wróciłam po ponad 5 godzinach, na karcie ponad 500 zdjęć, po selekcji...
Day 640
Lato w pełni
Day 893
Mountians on a clear day
Day 1,627
Day 655
Day 1,004
Gamou Fall #manportrait #Canon5dsr #light #portrait #perfect
Day 766
Day 1,015
good morning
Day 115
In the cherry orchard
Day 1,158
Driving through a massive storm...
It was frightening !!
Day 1,077
Blue pearls in her eyes...
My dear goddaughter! Proud of her mother, my dear friend @tania making an exhibition of photos full of delicateness and sen...
Day 1,710
Day 872
Do obejrzenia reszty zdjęć zapraszam tutaj (Ale dopiero jutro ) : fotorobert365.blogspot.com #theme-bicycles
Day 235
My grandma’
Passed away :(
Day 639
Day 237
Bicycle panning
Day 925
This is Luna (Lady Luna), she arrived to us today :) She is small, is a little afraid and hides a little. It will be her first night in a new hom...
Day 531
Może w cieniu pod drzewami...
Day 118
[love like river does...]
Day 1,291
women on strike
We are many. We are angry. We want equal rights for women and men. NOW. And yes, maybe a woman without a man is like a fish without a...