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How to turn your daily, mundane life into a wonderful photo album

Written by Paweł Kadysz

Over the years Pawel Kadysz helped more than 10,000 people start their own 365 Projects. In this guide he wrote down everything he knows about this unique photography challenge.

This guide contains actionable tips to help you get the most out of your 365 Project.

Available as PDF (39 pages)

Is 365 Project for you?

What exactly is a 365 project? Are you the right person to start one? The guide will answer both of these questions.

How to start a 365 Project

What questions should you answer before you start? How should you prepare? What’s the best time to start? What gear do you need?

19 Actionable Tips

The guide is packed with tips and tricks from 365 Project veterans. Get advice from people who have been doing daily photos for years.

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