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I love photography, learning, people, painting, music, mountains and ... swiss chocolate! Tookapic is a beautiful place to be myself and progress in photography!
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Day 1,087
In the "Etang du Duzillet", we call it "the poodle" in french "la gouille"... My son Oscar is a fan of snorkling and has a dream to make div...
Day 1,086
Nufenen Pass
On the road back home, we take another way, across the Nufenen Pass. A beautiful view but from 32 degrees to 10 degrees, it's so cold! We...
Day 1,085
Monte Brè
Beautiful week-end in Lugano! I love this country! We climbed a small funicular from Lugano to Monte Brè, from 300 to 900 m. A 360-degree vi...
Day 1,084
On the road...
Photo taken during driving to Lugano... Not very sharp, but I love these layers of blue mountains from dark to light. I think it was ju...
Day 1,083
Day 1,082
Echinacea 3
more pollen...
Day 1,081
Echinacea 2
One day later...
Day 1,080
Echinacea 1
Day 1,079
Morning light
In my garden... need to do some work...
Day 1,078
Smile as radiant as her heart! Happy birthday my friend! 😘
Day 1,077
Blue pearls in her eyes...
My dear goddaughter! Proud of her mother, my dear friend @tania making an exhibition of photos full of delicateness and sen...
Day 1,076
Hi baby!
- Do you have some bread for me? - Sorry my dear! I just "took a pic" of the mountains...
Day 1,075
a few minutes of grace this morning with the sun to do a dozen photos ... then the deluge!💦💦💦☔️😩
Day 1,074
We had a beautiful family meeting yesterday ! Photo taken by Oscar of his brother Jean. I was very happy because Oscar wanted to take photos... H...
Day 1,073
Another daisy
In my garden. I tried to make something very very soft. I'm so happy because I recovered my 40-150 mm after repairing the sunshade ... F...
Day 1,072
Just before the storm
It was a beautiful day, but suddenly at the end of the afternoon, dark clouds in the sky, wind and a a torrential rain has water...
Day 1,071
A poppy
Time of poppies... I can't miss this! I love them!
Day 1,070
Another version of daisies, in high key and low angle this time.
Day 1,069
New haircut...
What link between my haircut and this dog will you tell me ??? It's just the dog of my hairdresser... so no selfie today, only this pre...
Day 1,068
Day 1,067
His Majesty the Empress Elisabeth
"Sissi" has often stayed in Switzerland and especially in Territet near Montreux. Woman with a tragic destiny ... I...
Day 1,066
Le Pont Napoléon
I would like to say that I love this weekly theme! I find that visiting our history across the present is so interesting! And also it...
Day 1,065
L'église du Cloître
In Aigle. It is one of the 79 stages of the Via Francigena, a 2000 km long highway of faith, stretching from Canterbury in the sou...
Day 1,064
Lines of vines
And the castle of Aigle in the background. Walking today with the family. It’s that kind of thing that makes me happy! #aigle