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Andrew E Weber

Hail from Columbus Ohio. Business student, love soccer, and taking pictures. Inquiries:
#2 163/365
2 streak
Day 528
Day 527
Seth - The Chip King
Day 526
Christmas Night
Day 525
Evening Lightning
Day 524
Light Up My Exemas
Day 523
Floorda Orange
Day 522
Day 521
Wintry Skyline
Day 520
Bulleit For My Valentine
Day 519
Huggies - Pulp Fiction
Maybe huggies diapers were in the pulp fiction mystery box?
Day 518
The Door to Randy
Late night streak photos. But hey, it gets me to take a pic.
Day 517
Indiana Catjones
Day 516
Whiskey Boy Jones
Sethers being a rad dude
Day 515
Blue Man Group
Ollie's apprenticeship is almost here
Day 514
Block O
The university I work for has a pretty distinct logo out in this area, and here is a cool thing they have in one of the buildings I work out o...
Day 513
The littlest man dressed up for Halloween
Day 512
Starting Line
So I started working for the local university full-time, and I was starting to use pictures from them to use for this project to fill in...
Day 511
Villa Dr
Looking to buy a house near me? Do it! Here's a shot of the kitchen.
Day 510
Bearly Making It
(Fake) Animals need portraits too, yeah?
Day 509
Silly Dawg
Finally got this kid to smile AT ME this night, since he kept crawling away laughing.
Day 508
Light Testing
Here's one of my friends from work, testing out some potential lighting/background for an upcoming shoot.
Day 507
Well, cupcake day. And well..cupcake night. Not for his birthday, just for cupcake sake.
Day 506
High Treeson
Last bit of light hitting the tree while I was playing with my kiddos at the park.
Day 505
Sierra Nevada
(or Michelob Infusions of Prickly Pear and Lime that is ok for the price, but would definitely recommend actually drinking Sierra Nevada...