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Day 849
Espresso tonic
I hate city departments, I love cold coffee. #theme-cold-drinks
Day 848
urban highline festival
Day 847
Movement/ Gramy w pingla?
I don't know which one "emotion" choose to this day because it was the last day of exams and I passed everything really, rea...
Day 846
Maybe he's not exactly so "tiny" but he's not 18 yet, so I hope it counts to this week theme :) #theme-tiny-humans
Day 845
Today I spend a couple of hours with my little cousins (in the photo there are only 3/5, Basia and Wojtek were playing next to us). Fun day ;) I s...
Day 844
Tiny humans <3
This day was an anniversary of the death of my aunt who died in the accident before she was 30. I think it was the least sad 26 June fo...
Day 843
Pawilony Hansena
I had to "do stuff" about some papers, insurance, etc for university so I went to my old neighborhood and took some sentimental photo...
Day 842
Day 841
Three cameras were used to take this photo :D
Day 840
Day 839
Day 838
Day 837
Day 836
Noc Kultury
One of my favourite days in Lublin. I went to take some pictures before Saturday night because it will be a loooot of people here.
Day 835
Day 834
Last week I did pregnancy/couple photo session. It was my first kind-of-proffesional photo shoot and I did it as late wedding gift for my uncle a...
Day 833
Day 832
broken dishwasher
Day 831
Day 830
Double communion in the family- this was the first part ;)
Day 829
Day 828
Day 827
Day 826