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#1 337/365
1 streak
Day 337
Inside outside.
Day 336
Much better now. TMJ exercises. Started doing yoga. Bad dreams/memory stopped. Stopped reliving trauma. Migraine stopped. Physical symptoms of grief....
Day 335
Through a dirty glass. Another day of work.
Day 334
Finally leant to relax about the Monday sessions. Coast walk because I needed to. All night on the verge of migraine. Disturbing dreams.
Day 333
Managing migraine. On the verge all day. Stress. Smile. Meditate.
Day 332
Book three arrived. Migraine. Working again.
Day 331
First day out doors in a week. Starting to feel fatigued and what's the point. Much better after a walk by the sea.
Day 330
Book 1 down. Book 2. Bit demotivated. Bit blue. Need a break. 4 days indoors. Rain. Getting cooler.
Day 329
Finishing Wolf Hall starting book two soon. Just bought book three. That's my lockdown reading.
Day 328
Three days without going outdoors after seven swims in seven days. Overdid it?
Day 327
7 swims in 7 days. Fantastic. Road busier than ever. Gordons bay coast walk closed.
Day 326
6 swims in 6 days. Just got it in, 8.40 walk down, swim as far out as we can, swim back underwater fast. Four sleeps the rest of the day. Tired out.
Day 325
Raspberry custard tart for breakfast because lockdown.
Day 324
Four swims in four days. Yes we can do this.
Day 323
Homemade focacia with eggplant and hoop rissoles.
Day 322
Wolf Hall. Loving it.
Day 321
Just worked all day.
Day 320
It's a blur of work. Was sick in the night/morning. Barely made it to start work. Progressively better in the day. Lunch time walk.
Day 319
Wanted something different today. Chili Prawns noodles. Work all day.
Day 318
Hoop birthday. Walk. Work.
Day 317
Chocolate chocolate chip bread because... Lockdown.
Day 316
90th day. Depressed sad grief. Yoga walking meditation sitting meditation read.
Day 315
Why are we baking?
Day 314
Painted today. Had to force myself to stop thinking of work. I feel better for it.