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Day 84
Day 83
#theme-holding So loving this book.
Day 82
Day 81
Day 80
Procreate day 18/40
Lunch time drawing. Sketch walk. Ultimo. Sat there drawing for about an hour. Took this photo to help me complete it.
Day 79
Wattle blooming. 11 hours of daylight. Birds broody and fledglings visiting. Procreate day 17/40
Day 78
Procreate day 16/40
Day 77
Procreate day 15/40
Lunch sketch walk. Ultimo heritage area.
Day 76
Procreate day 13/40
Really loving procreate on iPad and sketch/photog walking.
Day 75
Procreate day 12/40
Walking meditation in the city. Looking to draw. Came to Ada place park. Little community oasis, visually calm even though the tra...
Day 74
Saw a seal and whales in Maroubra. Drawing with iPad a lot now. Taking it out and doing urban sketching. Really loving the tools. Playing experimentin...
Day 73
#theme-sky-slices Polar vortex Antarctic blast. By any name means cold and windy.
Day 72
Procreate 11/40
Decided to try this cafe today. Too windy and blustery outside today. And discovered the Chai latte is pretty good. Definitely coming...
Day 71
That kind of day. Awake 5.45 am. Picnic. Sea calm - has been flat for weeks. Windy. Sunny. Warm for this time of year.
Day 70
Procreate day 10/40
A part of Sydney that doesn't appear in the tourist shots, but I like it though.
Day 69
#theme-sky-slices Jacaranda tree and Victorian terrace Bondi. Just by Cooper Park Bondi junction.
Day 68
#theme-sky-slices #frank-gehry
Day 67
Day 7/40 procreate
7 days of drawing with procreate on the iPad. Really loving it.
Day 66
Wattle bloom
Last week the wattles started blooming. The birds acting all broody. One fledgling lorikeet appeared for the first time today. Spring? In...
Day 65
Day 5/40 procreate
Inspired to do some urban sketching. Walked around this building looking. Sat with some ibises who came right up to me. They nest o...
Day 64
Procreate day 4/40
Today I learned how to use the eye drop to select colour from a photo to create a “banksia” palette.
Day 63
I wasn’t done with that apple yet. Wild birds decided they’d have it.
Day 62
Procreate Day 2/40
First day urban sketching on iPad Pro and procreate. Mindful walking, then noticed a section of the roof I’d like to draw.
Day 61
Winters day in the city.#frank-gehry