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#1 27/365
27 streak
Day 26
Day of finishing Gormenghast
Day 25
Showers were only coastal
Day 24
A run of long cold dreary days.
Are we acclimatising? Windy damp wet.
Glebe market
Went exploring in the city today. Away from the coastal showers and strong wind warning. Had a craving for almond croissant, preceded by...
Day 23
Dawn on winter solstice
High of 14 degrees C today. Southerly. Quite bracing. Picnic at maroubra cliffs again. Sheltered from the wind
Day 22
Sunset - day before the shortest day of the year
Beautiful day exploring Coogee Bondi Watson’s Bay Vaucluse Bronte Dover Heights
Day 21
What an amazing day by the sea
Picnic lunch on the cliffs in Maroubra, whales breaching in the distance, sea birds, guy on paddle board - paddling - w...
Day 20
Both finally felt well enough to go out and do things. Lunch at Marrickville at our favourite Vietnamese Street Food restaurant. Bun cha and ste...
Day 19
Only people out today were Dog walkers and selfie takers. Rainbows fast moving clouds seagulls flying backwards blown by the southerly sudden...
Day 18
Another cloudy day
This is quite a run of rainy days.
Day 17
Yoga tree pose
Raresh Brad Audie tree pose. Cake coffee and coast walk.
Day 16
Indoors again.
Day 15
Prawn and Salmon pizza.
Day 14
Went to look for Henry Lawson’s grave. Beautiful warm day. Spotted lots of whales today, full breach, pods, moving fast north.
Day 13
The first warm day in ages. Sunny still. Emerging from hibernation.
Saw whales out in the distance, heading north. Solitary.
Day 12
Touch screens work with birds too
Now how did he open up another tab just with his feet? I wasn't paying enough attention to him obviously. He's not a...
Day 11
Doing a tree pose in support of my sister's #moveyourbuttnz challenge - for bowel cancer. To plant 30 tree poses for the month of June...
Day 10
Finally went outside.
Fog this morning. Went out for a Banh mi by the sea. This weather reminds me of Auckland - the wet and cold. Need to go someplac...
Day 9
Let me in, it’s cold outside
It’s quite unusual for me to not go out for days. The weather has been so cold and wet - after the glorious summer we had...
Day 8
Feather on cheek
Didn’t go out today. Working. Cold. Birds came. Pigeon feather on her cheek - she’s fighting back. The pigeons can be so domineering.
Day 7
Rugby night
State of origin night. Impromptu dinner. Frozen beer (accidently).
Day 6
Big storm surges
Gale warning for the whole of the NSW coast today. Giant waves, dumping seas. That’s a container ship in the distance. They’ll know a...
Day 5
Winter orchid bloom
Was too tired to go outside today - after photographing all day on the cruise yesterday. Three sprigs this year. They are all faci...
Day 4
Sandra’s birthday cruise.
I was official photographer on a birthday boat cruise in the national park - this is the only photo with me in it. 😀