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#8 107/365
728 streak
Day 2,662
I'm sitting.
Today, I've been digging through papers a lot, sorting health records that have been lying around for years. I'm going to bed, so today o...
Day 2,661
Before... started raining.
Day 2,660
Good Sunday.
One hundred by bike, seventeen by shoe. Civil War, an excellent movie. A photo from the route to the cinema.
Day 2,659
Old is gold.
This door was probably in my photo from a few years ago. They are very photogenic so it is not surprising. Today, however, in the company...
Day 2,658
Dandelion with blur.
Today's photo of dandelions, I'm going out for a beer soon and I don't want the situation from last week when I had to take a pho...
Day 2,657
Argh. I'm a little pissed off because the new battery is holding up just like the old battery. I'll see if it stabilizes, but I don't have much...
Day 2,656
Three colours.
I love such views. On a walk with Biga. The weather is deteriorating. We'll see how the weekend goes.
Day 2,655
Who's back? Of course, my old phone, new battery, new camera lens.
Day 2,654
Because she just hasn't been here for a long time.
Day 2,653
Yesterday I took a lot of photos. At the end however, I went with my friend to the bar and then to its construction site. I didn't want to lose...
Day 2,652
Day 2,651
It's getting beautiful.
I hope to have a bike tomorrow and the day after. Today I'm sitting at home, I watched an interesting movie "Scoop" about an i...
Day 2,650
I consist of constant repetitions.
Today, an important album by an important artist turns ten years old. Half a lifetime of listening. Or more. First...
Day 2,649
Spring is in full swing, I hope it won't snow. Saturdays at work in april are free again. March 22 - gastroenterologist, June 14 - gastroscopy....
Day 2,648
Just eggs.. And chives. #theme-easter
Day 2,647
Today is the first hundred kilometers on a bike this year. It was windy as hell. Additionally, sand from the Sahara caused such silting of the air...
Day 2,646
Just balls.
Today a quick bike trip. It was windy, but it wasn't the wind that defeated me. I suffered from heartburn and had to shorten the trip to 4...
Day 2,645
A very muddy day, some walking and 25 km by bike. Krzysztof leaves us and goes back to Glasgow, so I can take a break from eating and drinki...
Day 2,644
Old Cemetery
On this beautiful sunny day, I went to take photos that had been on my mind for some time. Even though I chose a different frame, I consi...
Day 2,643
Another day.
Today, lack of time defeated me. Photo from the garden. I'm going for a beer with Krzysztof and Paweł. The ultrasound was ok, but they we...
Day 2,642
For posterity - a photo with a toaster, i mean with Alcatel 5052D which I have as a replacement.
Day 2,641
A blade of grass.
From today I use another phone (Huawei was sent to the service center to replace the battery). I stole my dad's Alcatel and I'm doin...
Day 2,640
Beautiful sky today. Boring at work. Now I'm preparing the phone for shipment to replace the battery and a friend from Glasgow is watching som...
Day 2,639
Lazy blur.
Morning walk with mom and Biga. A lazy and rainy day, although it was also sunny at times. In the evening, Thai food + pad Thai with tofu)...