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Bridget Braun

Graphic Designer. Owner of Dogs. Reader of Books, Watcher of TV. Amateur Photographer. Total Nerd.
#3 264/365
1 streak
Day 994
Day 993
Glass Reflections
Day 992
Fire Escape
Day 991
New Car Smell!
Got a new car yesterday!
Day 990
Professional Development
Day 989
Office Gallery
Day 988
Day 987
Green Leif
Great Leif Vollebekk concert tonight!
Day 986
House Plants
Day 985
Wall installation at a local restaurant.
Day 984
Busy Day
Streak Photo!!!
Day 983
Day 982
Burning the Midnight Oil
Working late tonight.
Day 981
Bedside Reading
I’ve always got a couple books on the go. Anyone reading anything good?
Day 980
Went to a leather workshop today where I learned how to die, stitch and imprint letters into leather.
Day 979
Snowball Fight?
I have to admit, I'm going a little stir crazy at home. There's been so much snow that I can't really drive anywhere. Hoping for these...
Day 978
Russian Chocolates
My friend brought me some chocolates home from Russia!
Day 977
Fresh Powder
Day 976
Snowy Roof Lines
Day 975
Snowed In
Day 974
Playing cards on a snowy Sunday evening.
Day 973
Upcoming Nuptuals
Sending out our wedding invitations today.
Day 972
First Snow
It doesn't snow here very often but we got a little overnight.
Day 971
Winter Growth
Small but mighty!