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Taking things one day at a time.
#2 17/365
1 streak
Day 382
It’s been some time since I pounded the pavement in my old neighborhood in Queens. #childrens-day
Day 381
Green pearls on the half shell
#peas #greenarrowpeas
Day 380
Artsy pipes
#lake-merritt #mural
Day 379
Behold the Black Cod
I spent the morning watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to fillet the fish. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and do...
Day 378
Halibut stew
I went to work on the frame and head and came up with an intriguing halibut stew. The rest of the fish is now resting in a sweet miso mar...
Day 377
Fresh caught halibut
I pleaded for a small one from the Fishwife and got one that weighed only 5.5 lbs, which was more than enough for us two. The one...
Day 376
green oyster pearls
fresh from the garden
Day 375
Garlicky Broccoli, Thai Style
Day 374
Jimbo, Adventures in Paradise
Day 373
Mt. Tamalpais cast in bronze
At Muir Beach, feeling hopeful.
Day 372
Big Yawn
Day 371
A good day for a walk on the beach
Day 370
A fine day
A rare trip to Point Reyes Station for a chance at outdoor dining
Day 369
Grinding Sesame
In my Japanese molcajete
Day 368
Balanced Kitty
Day 367
Red Daikon
Day 366
a half dozen Miyagi oysters
my decadent Sunday breakfast
azumac finished 365 project #1!
Day 365
A bright cloudy day
I was trying to capture the downy clouds and hadn’t even noticed the sun lurking behind them. Waiting in line to pickup a couple p...
Day 364
Airport monorail
After a much needed rainstorm the air is clear and the sky is super blue- but we’ve got nowhere to go.
Day 363
Red Daikon Radish
I have not yet figured out what to do with it.
Day 362
Oakand Street View
Day 361
Day 2- strangers in the house
Day 360
Day 1
We’re having our 30 year furnace replaced and while strangers are in the house, our very social (not) cats have retreated to their favorite hide...
Day 359
Our bunny kitty