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I took a 7 month break before starting my second 365. I’m a landscape architect by training, but for work, I manage green schoolyard projects for SF schools.
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Day 182
It looks blue to me
Day 181
Super Express Hato (Pigeon)
A sticker on a serving tray included the time table for the Hato Express, circa 1950. The train left Tokyo at 12:30 and ar...
Day 180
An Introspective Apple
Day 179
Jimi’s Purple Haze gone wild
I remember now, that day when I spilled the tiny poppy seeds after I had cut the dried out pods when the flashy flowers w...
Day 178
the CalicoGals
Day 177
Root vegetables
Day 176
Hayes Valley
Day 175
MacArthur BART Station
Although the photos show the lights headed to a single vanishing point with the (hoped for) effect of supersonic speed, the lat...
Day 174
a trip to the lumber yard
I picked up a long piece of redwood bender board with the idea that I'd use it to make garden signs for a community garden p...
Day 173
a birthday celebration at El Huarache Azteca
Day 172
a place to get authentic Japanese soba noodles in West Oakland. It's hella umai!
Day 171
Zona would like to explore the world beyond the window...
Day 170
Alexander Hamilton is in town
Day 169
what grows in the garden
Day 168
spring is in the air
Day 167
The succulents survived our recent, unexpected hail storm and are now flowering with great gusto. They're probably thinking, better get my f...
Day 166
an Irish celebration in San Anselmo, California
Day 165
window duty
can you tell they are sisters? (best wrestling buddies when they're not sharing the window seat) #calico-cats
Day 164
nothing to see here
The elementary school here is in a tough neighborhood, near the freeway offramp and homeless encampments. The school building itse...
Day 163
Shawarma in Adobo
I didn’t know that it was a thing, this Filipino-Middle Eastern eatery. The Shawarma Wrap was downright delicious 😋!
Day 162
Q&A with the film maker
We went to see the West Coast premiere of WBCN and the American Revolution, a documentary film of how in the late-1960s and ea...
Day 161
Spring Hail
A surprise hail storm blanketed the Bay Area. We just watched from the comfort of our home, unlike some of our scrappy neighbors who went...
Day 160
Mount Tamalpais
A perfect misty view from our room at the Pelican Inn.
Day 159
A rare find
When there’s no cell service a pay phone comes in handy. #pelican-inn #pay-phone #muir-beach