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Taking things one day at a time.
#1 303/365
1 streak
Day 303
Neighborhood hills
The morning after Thanksgiving seemed very quiet in the neighborhood. Just hoping that we're headed into a calmer, saner world.
Day 302
garlic dervish
later on in the day, this entire garlic bulb went into a wildly flavorful dish of Swiss chard fritters
Day 301
cocktail hour across time zones
here's one ritual that might be a keeper...
Day 300
Day 299
Day 67 San Francisco
Day 298
Socially Distanced Cocktails
Day 297
Catio Days
Day 296
Day 20
As time goes by ...
Day 295
Day 19
Ginny in the Catio
Day 294
Day 17
April Fools day. Ginny decides to stretch out on the fresh sheets.
Day 293
Day 16
A ribbon of rainbow on the bathroom floor
Day 292
Day 15
Two weeks now, and we’ve gone through the second bottle of Glenmorangie.
Day 291
Day 14
Life goes on. Must plant tomatoes..and some poppies
Day 290
Day 13
Zona takes all the attention as her birthright
Day 289
Day 12
TGIF. I just like spending the morning looking out into the yard. I think I could get used to this.
Day 288
Day 11
Are the cats wondering why the humans are around all the time now. They act like they’re annoyed by us.
Day 287
Day 10
On the day we went into shelter-in-place, I went and got a 4-pak of Strong Cat, Ale Industries’ robust porter. I can’t say I’m crazy about the...
Day 286
Day 9
The Osaka Mustards are bolting. Full disclosure: my family on both sides come from a line of proud Osaka merchants #osaka #大阪船場 
Day 285
Day 8
A neighbor called wanting to know if we had a bike pump with a certain attachment. We did, but in the end, she didn’t need it.
Day 284
Day 7
I’m starting to explore the nether regions of the pantry, finding interesting stuff sent to me by well meaning relatives. #ultimate-umami
Day 283
Day 6
The air just feels and looks clearer ... and quieter.
Day 282
SIP Day 5
I looked over and for a second I thought he had shrunk inside his clothes. I think we’re already going nuts.
Day 281
SIP Day 4
Checking out zoom with my Toastmaster buddies
Day 280
SIP Day 3
Vegetables from our weekly csa (community supported agriculture) subscription.