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Danny Vazquez

Graphic Designer based in Orange County, California. Love photography and I am eager to learn as much as possible when I get the chance.
#3 236/365
12 streak
Day 730
The butcher
Went shopping at a chinese market...pretty cool actually, the best part was really the butcher where they had all these meats prepared, qu...
Day 729
I don't often take pictures of people, I would say it's rare overall. At least, of their face haha. This person though, she pushed me th...
Day 728
Today, a new day, and a new country haha. I'm in Canada now, I hit up Notre Dame in Ottawa to view this absolutely gorgeous cathedral, I wan...
Day 727
It's a good time right now to reflect on the year and look at what needed work and what works for you. I feel I've done a lot of good in o...
Day 726
Shoe Shop
Just strolling downtown, chillin' heading to the gym. My last night in my home town for the rest of the year! I head out tomorrow after work...
Day 725
Went out to take care of some stuff today, thankfully I got the day off. I got to walk around a local park once again and enjoy the emptiness of...
Day 724
Christmas Day
A beautiful time of year, with family. Got to go out a bit earlier than everyone else and just take pictures, it was incredibly relaxing...
Day 723
Christmas Eve
Spend a good amount of time with friends on the Eve of Christmas, I enjoyed all the green and stuff. Hope that everyone enjoyed the time...
Day 722
Awesome, it was super cold. And I got to walk around a little more today, had to do some last minute shopping. #friday #afternoon #road #transp...
Day 721
Little things like this can be beautiful. #thursday #evening #light #dark #december #light-effect #myfujifilm
Day 720
Nature is fun, came into work with some clouds, got one heck of a shower while working...and then bam, it all went away by the time I got to...
Day 719
Pasta Luncheon
Did a secret santa at the office today, we went out for a nice long lunch together to exchange gifts. My co-worker got this fantastic p...
Day 718
Driving by
Sometimes, like this gentleman, I sit at the bus stop and just watch things go by. I find it therapeutic, so I took this shot, of this man,...
Day 717
Walked around for a bit with my brother, we were having a good chat. Got to see a bit more of my neighborhood, so I really appreciated the mult...
Day 716
A beautiful day...until you feel the chill. I haven't felt this cold in a long time, even ever. I stayed home, listened to music, and looked at...
Day 715
The backside
Was out with a friend for dinner after a nice workout, and we found parking in the back of the restaurant. This was really the cleanest d...
Day 714
Light Rain
No, it wasn't light at all! It was quite heavy, but it was light enough at one point that it let me go outside to try to move around, it wa...
Day 713
It's actually starting to look awesome out here, the leaves are falling and all that good stuff. #morning #wednesday #december #vegetation
Day 712
Good ol' reliable Route 53, takes me home and to work 5 days out of the week, I'm very happy to be riding public transportation because it offers s...
Day 711
Needed to take a break from work, so I took a nice step, such a beautiful sight. I took the liberty to make it look more dramatic after playin...
Day 710
Barber Shopping
Got to my barber a bit early, got to get my cut before it opened! Noticed how much personality some of the barbers here have, it's awe...
Day 709
Went out with a friend and we took a detour to the mechanic so he could get something checked out on his car, I really liked these cars too!...
Day 708
After work, got to go to the gym and then dinner, unfortunately the night ended early because traffic was too much. #friday #night #evening #c...
Day 707
dinner truck
Saw this scene while the bus waited for something, I can't remember what. But this is a common scene here, enjoying some delicious tacos...