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#3 257/365
2 streak
Day 987
snowy night
Love the way the sky looks in this one.
Day 986
Foggy afternoon
Love catching moments like this...justifies carrying a camera around 24/7.
Day 985
emotional walls
Day 984
winter sunset
Another really gorgeous palette of quiet winter colors.
Day 983
forbidden taco
love when this happens
Day 982
More snow
Let's go, double it up
Day 981
Anila Quayyum Agha: All the Flowers Are for Me
Permanent installation at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. Very worth checking out if you're ever...
Day 980
set sail
this one came out pretty cool! I didn't really notice until I got it into the computer later. Love when that happens.
Day 979
Night owls
My neighbor is apparently as much of a night owl as I am.
Day 978
Custom masks + snow
I've been putting off shoveling to take photos...
Day 977
We're in for a snowy couple of weeks. Honestly couldn't be happier
Day 976
down the hallway
Just a hallway at work. The colors on this one were interesting. I think it's the warms plus the greens. Unusual combo.
Day 975
it's finally here!
Day 974
Sunday Drive
not a ton of snow this winter, I'm hoping that the big storm on monday night turns that around :P
Day 973
around town
an interesting ad while I was doing some errands in the evening.
Day 972
Cold night
just a fire on a cold night.
Day 971
Sun-free sunset
Really just liked the color palette on this one. Sticking to b&w has not been going so well haha
Day 970
snowy evening
love the look of snow in black and white.
Day 969
Spent a little time outside today
It was nice.
Day 968
The lights of my computer at night
Day 967
staring at the ceiling
It was one of those kinda evenings
Day 966
midnight snack
Day 965
Connecting the dots
very happy that it's Friday, finally.
Day 964
little drive
short drive on a cold day