Year #3 Progress
Day 890
Walkway A trail dotted with old power lines. Trains used to run along this pathway.
Day 889
Transit System
Transit System I'm a huge sucker for a nice page layout!
Day 888
Current reading
Current reading I love books with pictures in them! :) #book #read
Day 887
Ajar An abandoned building near my office. It's rather imposing from the right angles, and there's lots of ajar doors and windows missing glass.
Day 886
Re-organization Finally cleaned out and donated a lot of my extra books, and these were the survivors. Many I've and read, and many more I have not.
Day 885
Distance I liked some of the lines going on in this one. The vertical towers contrasted with the jagged diagonals of the houses felt contradictory yet...
Day 884
Aging This dead tree has been slowly losing its outer sections, revealing some really interesting textures and colors beneath.
Day 883
Bark in Sunset
Bark in Sunset I just loved the coloring of this tree in the setting sun.
Day 882
OrangeNavy Some traffic and a sunset.
Day 881
BluePink The early morning and post sunset sky are just awesome.
Day 880
Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box One of my mom's jewelry boxes, I always found the green to be extremely interesting. #theme-glass
Day 879
All Framed
All Framed Here it is, all framed! Certainly felt like I'd never get here while I was in the middle of it, but here are!
Day 878
Laundry Room
Laundry Room The steam from our hospital laundry room. At least I think that's what that is. Always looks interesting on a cold day.
Day 877
light and shadow
light and shadow Just playing around with a blank space and some lights!
Day 876
Fresh Snow
Fresh Snow The best way to wake up, even if you have to drive in it. #snow #nature #winter
Day 875
Empty night
Empty night I love how skyscrapers lose their imposing solidity and begin to look completely hollow at night. #city-urban #archictecture #night #dark...
Day 874
As luck would have it...
As luck would have it... This owl was sitting along my driveway in my headlights...and even sat there for an 8 minute shoot! #barred-owl #big-owl #nat...
Day 873
Sunset Droplet
Sunset Droplet A sweating plant leaf under the setting sun. #nature #water #leaf
Day 872
Pure black
Pure black I fully admit this one is crap, I was testing out the night-sight mode on my phone and it didn't work very well :p
Day 871
Thru I'm not sure this tree is still alive, but I respect it's resilience.
Day 870
Spiral A fascinating leaf shape that I noticed while walking today #leaf #blackandwhite
Day 869
Mountain There was a whole lot of ice on my car this morning, so I took photos while scraping.
Day 868
Nxxxx The contrast and the shapes on this one really felt interesting this evening.
Day 867
Wood For whatever reason, textures have been catching my eye lately.