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Day 917
Jagged Apartments
I recently moved to a new town, and this is one of the apartment buildings down the street. I love the way the porches look.
Day 916
#green #shadow #forced-perspective
Day 915
Purple Glow
my desk lit up at night
Day 914
Brick is such an engaging texture. Add some vines, and you're golden.
Day 913
Concert for Bangladesh
Some of my roommates best vintage records.
Day 912
I just so happened to be in a parking lot with the perfect angle for planes crossing in front of the moon.
Day 911
I finally got a turntable that actually works!
Day 910
Some very oxidized copper. I really like this look with a vintage outdoor lamp thrown in.
Day 909
It's finally here!
Day 908
VW + Pink
The baby blue VW and the pink touches on this house were great!
Day 907
Custom Print
it's super important to print your work! These are some custom thank you cards I put together and printed.
Day 906
Name a better duo than subways and cracked glass
Day 905
I love the way the sky looks in this one.
Day 904
In pretty dire need of repairs.
Day 903
Downtown Crossing, Boston
Day 902
Sunset over the Bunker Hill monument in the distance
Day 901
Last one!
This is probably our last big snow of the season, I'm gonna miss it.
Day 900
A macro image of a tiny print of a cartoon knife.
Day 899
Fluffy Snow
This is what fluffy snow looks like up close.
Day 898
Longly cart
A bright, cherry red cart that stuck out on a dreary winter evening.
Day 897
An old picture of me and my dog from nearly 17 years ago. Whew.
Day 896
I really love the MFT format. I'll probably be here for another year or so before moving into full frame.
Day 895
Day 894
Some of my black & white photos being shown with some other artwork at a local gallery!