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#3 214/365
2 streak
Day 944
I spent a long time watching these guys floating around the aquarium today. #ocean #jelly-fish
Day 943
Spider on a summer day
It's been happening all spring, but it's always fun to watch the bugs and animals come back out as the weather warms up.
Day 942
Messy Dresser
I took this while prepping laundry for the weekend. The colors in this one were really interesting.
Day 941
Just a blank billboard around town. Something is up with it, though, since it's been blank for months.
Day 940
There's literally a web of cables above my head as I walk home.
Day 939
a mural that I always walk past when I get the chance. This is in Cambridge, for anyone in the area.
Day 938
Memorial Day on the Boston Common
Shot my first roll of film on the day off, and it was perfect weather for it.
Day 937
Night Drive
Driving late at night is one of my favorite ways to inspire interesting shots.
Day 936
Two lights
Two lights that don't really ward off any of the darkness feels poetic. I think?
Day 935
Left out
A closed shop and and all that's left of the signage out front
Day 934
Rainy Evening
The view from my kitchen window this evening was very subtle and quiet.
Day 933
Stones at sunset
I've been going to this specific cemetery for a few weeks now, and I'm always able to get amazing photos there.
Day 932
This stone stuck out to me while exploring a new cemetery. Propped up and standing alone in a huge field. No idea why.
Day 931
New Neighbors
I met up with some friends for a going away party, in a new area I hadn't explored yet. Which means great photos! This particular neighb...
Day 930
Color in Death
I didn't leave the house today, so this wilting flower ended up making a great subject.
Day 929
No Dumping
no dumping, indeed. I really liked the color and layers on this one.
Day 928
One of the bookshelves in my childhood home.
Day 927
Electric Room
Nothing beats the subway for black and white photography.
Day 926
Running lights
Light trails from a few subway cars changing tracks
Day 925
Ice Water
Always gotta have a glass of water near my bed at night!
Day 924
Horseshoe Crab
First warm weather walk of the summer!
Day 923
Dark Night
Just a lone street lamp on a dark night!
Day 922
one section of the vinyl shelf at home...
Day 921
Gritted Teeth
I love the skeleton carving on this stone.