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Dorina Höhn-Daskalova

Living every moment ..
#1 90/365
1 streak
Day 66
Delicious smoothie 🍌🍓
Day 65
Day 64
A special moment
Day 63
Waves in lake Léman.
Day 62
Happy birthday to my sister !
Day 61
Dara #4
Day 60
#60| Dara #3
Sweet dreams ✨ Already 2 months tookapic !
Day 59
Dara #2
Sleepy morning for this angel
Day 58
Rebirth Beau Rivage
The beginning of the reconstruction of a special place, Le Beau-Rivage in front of the lake Léman in Nyon, Switzerland ! Love the...
Day 57
My daughter said, mom do you see the angel wings?
Day 56
Day 55
One special day I had the surprise and the chance to fly in this little autogire where I felt like a free bird !
Day 54
Today, with my son Anthony, we did a homemade carrot juice with also ginger, curcuma, lemon and oranges ! Healthy and delicious, we both loved i...
Day 53
Just look, it is all around ✨
Day 52
Out of comfort zone
Love taking risks and going on a handstand on this wet flore 😊 Finaly I did not fall and had so much fun with my daughter @adriana...
Day 51
Today the sky was beautiful.. I had to take a picture while driving .. never do that 😊
Day 50
#50 | End of day
Beautiful lake Leman, always different ! Can you see the Jet d’eau of Geneva in the background ?
Day 49
Had to make a detour to go take a pic of this beauty this morning 🤩
Day 48
Looking at this beautifully decorated place.
Day 47
Lake Léman
Early morning lights
Day 46
Love this place where today people were going into the freezing water.. one of them had the same name as me, Dorina ☺️ never met an other Dor...
Day 45
Holiday lights
Beautiful post office ✨ #theme-bright-colors
Day 44
With colors
Day 43
Happy 2020 🎉
Wishing all of you a wonderful 2020 full of health, peace of mind, joy and love in your heart 💝