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Dorina Höhn-Daskalova

Living every moment ..
#1 90/365
1 streak
Day 49
Had to make a detour to go take a pic of this beauty this morning 🤩
Day 50
#50 | End of day
Beautiful lake Leman, always different ! Can you see the Jet d’eau of Geneva in the background ?
Day 81
Can you spot the birds and the plane :) I am happy how I had the chance to take the almost full moon, the beautiful sunset and lake, the bird s...
Day 21
Out in the cold.
Day 55
One special day I had the surprise and the chance to fly in this little autogire where I felt like a free bird !
Day 70
#70 | Morning lights
Day 84
Stormy lake
This morning was incredibly beautiful!
Day 15
Approaching them, the #birds took off in the cold. #birds-dance
Day 56
Day 1
Beauty ✨
Day 65
Day 79
Come sit with me and have on other point of vue..
Day 11
Our angel Dara 💓
Day 18
Discovering the beautiful details.. Loving macro <3
Day 28
Birthday present
A beautiful morning just for me 😍
Day 77
Beautiful weather today, very very warm for the season !
Day 7
Don’t really know what that is, but it seemed old and forgotten here. Not sure if it fits in the theme of the week 🤔 Can you see the lake on the right...
Day 17
Over the fog
Looking for the #sun 🌞 and appreciating beauty ! PS you can see le Mont Blanc in the depth 😉 Day 14
Day 47
Lake Léman
Early morning lights
Day 54
Today, with my son Anthony, we did a homemade carrot juice with also ginger, curcuma, lemon and oranges ! Healthy and delicious, we both loved i...
Day 64
A special moment
Day 2
A happy place
My mat is (almost always) my sweet place to be 🦋 *I film some parts of my yoga or body fit practice, this is a pic from it 😊
Day 13
All in one
Everything is in this little drop of rain.
Day 38
Back home
After the 22 degree back to the cold 🥶 with the view of the beautiful lake Léman, the biggest lake of Europe but not the biggest lake of Swi...