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Edward Chang

An architect loves taking photos of buildings with iPhone, because DSLR isn’t quite convenient and light, but sometimes I use it while traveling.
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Day 536
Storms coming soon, too
Spring is coming through, storms are the company as well. Rainy days are dreary, but I like the moment when the clouds comes t...
Day 535
Storms coming soon
Day 534
Those small flowers could be meet any where. I try to get a blooming one as close as I can with cellphone. It seems like a little bit differen...
Day 533
The art of unfinished work
Day 532
Found it somewhere
Day 531
For this weekly #theme-early-bird, so I got up 6 am as an early-bird to get something good. But it just looked like this situation and then I hi...
Day 530
It’s not really impressive but I like it.
Day 529
Still feel bad and stay home for this stupid pics!
Day 528
Really bad day for me. It’s so hot almost 30c, but I can’t feel at all, just like be frozen. I catch cold 🥶. This is the only one pic I got tod...
Day 527
Look up
Day 526
Just left foot is clear
Day 525
Window and letter B
For this weekly #theme-blue. I parked my car here and took this picture, because this parking spot is very big.
Day 524
A guy who was flying the kite.
Day 523
The Old town
This bridge connects to the old town for the walking people.
Day 522
I admire you could catch up some birds clearly in your photos. So I got this one with my phone 😊
I admire you could catch up some birds clearly in your photos. So I got this one with my phone 😊
Day 521
Borrow some light from the sun 🌞
Day 520
It’s a little bit late to get the blue hours.
Day 519
Mother and her 🧒
Day 518
Black, white and gray
For this weekly topic#Theme-stairs
Day 517
I love rainy days sometimes
Day 516
I think I’m really addicted to explore those kind of space in my frame.
Day 515
Day 514
Old traditional doors
Day 513
The urban cells