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Edward Chang

An architect loves taking photos of buildings with iPhone, because DSLR isn’t quite convenient and light, but sometimes I use it while traveling.
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Day 659
Visit my friend and spend very happy time here!
Day 658
A gap of the sky
Day 657
Kappa’s brothers
Day 656
Bus station
Day 655
The LED signal light and the moon 🌝
After I got my new smartphone Huawei p30 pro that can be used to catch the image of the moon directly, I’ve took s...
Day 654
For the weekly#theme-summer-tones
Day 653
The old trian station, there’re only a few ordinary train sets start there, will be moved soon, because the most trains are high-speed and have bu...
Day 652
Reflection of the stainless steel
Day 651
My favorite trees
Day 650
The cinema
a little bit late for watching the movie
Day 649
A boat and some people
Day 648
Who knows! I just saw this spot is nice place for my pic.
Day 647
Still very hot day!
Day 646
Before watching a movie
Today’s temperature is really high, over 36C. I can’t stay outdoors more than 10 minutes, if not, I almost cannot breathe. So...
Day 645
How much lightings can I catch up with in 4 minutes
For the weekly theme-sky-slices
Day 644
Chinese Valentine’s Day night
Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day, we went out eat something and walked along the bank of the lake.
Day 643
10X again
Day 642
Half and half
It’s a top of building but I turned it
Day 641
Day 640
WKG, want to watch it
Day 639
The atmosphere of air
As long as I don’t know where I should go to take my pics, I’m used to head here. I think it’s so attractive and magical, and I...
Day 638
Who are you waiting for?
Another rainy day
Day 637
three umbrellas
What a boring day, raining whole day, and this’s the only one pic that I got today.
Day 636