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Edward Chang

An architect loves taking photos of buildings with iPhone, because DSLR isn’t quite convenient and light, but sometimes I use it while traveling.
#2 236/365
6 streak
Day 601
Different color light sources
Another rainy day
Day 600
Mirror and models
Day 599
Leaves upon the water
Day 598
The eye of sky
Day 597
Just as we were going to leaving here, the stranger, a girl, climbed up to the top of stones in the front of my car. Although she blocked...
Day 596
On our roof terrace
On our roof terrace
Day 595
On my balcony
Day 594
Day 593
Day 592
% cafe house
Day 591
Building space
We did not go to HK for shopping for a little bit of days, because it’s raining all the time. But it’s a nice day so...
Day 590
Waiting for the change
Day 589
I’ve published so many different leaves texture here, they’re all in flat light condition so today l try something different.
Day 588
It’s so exciting when I zoomed in and looked at each drops carefully, I saw my images in there clearly.
Day 587
After the rain
Day 586
Day 585
The other side of my city
Day 584
Day 583
Someplace where be redecorated
Day 582
Waves and sun 🌞
Day 581
On the top of the mountain
Day 580
Summer and Autumn
Day 579
Day 578
Low key