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Edward Chang

An architect loves taking photos of buildings with iPhone, because DSLR isn’t quite convenient and light, but sometimes I use it while traveling.
#3 30/365
3 streak
Day 760
Look up
Day 759
The #theme-logos Rainbow in the rearview mirror
Let me remember some old movies.
Day 758
Plastic pipes
Day 757
Three circles and a woman
Day 756
Restaurant logo
It’s my favorite place I love to go, when I don’t know where to grab... #theme-logos
Day 755
On my way home
Day 754
Old and new
The left part is a cistern of building on the top of roof. There’re more than 30 multi-storey residential in this area and planned to be r...
Day 753
Three colors and a girl
Day 752
Reflection of Sunset
Reflection of Sunset
Day 751
Day 750
Accompanied my wife to walk on the beach, saw two lines of people, one by one, hands by hands, on the shore in long lines, looks like were b...
Day 749
Steel sculpture
For the last week theme-steel
Day 748
Red and black
Day 747
Weed seeds
Day 746
Outside of the Gym
Day 745
The one I missed on Nov 22
When I review my pics I published, I completely forgot one of them.
Day 744
Lost in city
Day 743
My favorite angle
Day 742
Daytime is becoming short
Day 741
Day 740
A tree and a couple
Day 739
Look up or look down?
Day 738
Day 737
On the top of the lamp
I want to take a moon picture, not just a lonely moon, comes with something, at the dark night. I’ve tried a lot of things, I t...