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Edward Chang

An architect loves taking photos of buildings with iPhone, because DSLR isn’t quite convenient and light, but sometimes I use it while traveling.
#3 30/365
3 streak
Day 706
Texture of leaves
Day 705
Fishing men
Day 704
Colors of Light
Day 703
Lotus and palms
Day 702
Dancing just for you
Day 701
Want to change a new car
Day 700
Dots through the gaps of leaves
Day 699
A little girl without shoes
Day 698
Day 697
National day!
I could go out for a little while with my family
Day 696
The first ray of sunshine in the morning
What a nightmare! I couldn’t sleep whole night just slept for a while before the dawn.
Day 695
Dark or bright
My surgery was listed in the number 3, but I still stay in the patient room at 2pm. I felt a little bit hungry, I didn’t eat and drink...
Day 694
Predicament (3)
The surgery be arranged in tomorrow
Day 693
Predicament (2)
Laying on the hospital bed where I really hate stay. I looked at the towel it looks like a horrible ghost face.
Day 692
Predicament (1)
Kidney stones were found in my body, so I will have to be in hospital from today, these small stones make me sleepless, pain unbearabl...
Day 691
Glorious radiance
Day 690
Tea table
Day 689
Safety officer
Went to the construction site again
Day 688
Tattoo of the sun
Day 687
Straight and curve
For the weekly #theme-dark
Day 686
Go to the construction site, discuss and deal with some problems.
Day 685
Exit of light
Day 684
The optimum partners :)
When Porsche meets Hello Kitty. Not my car.
Day 683
Feel really sick 🤒