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Lover of the simple pleasures in life. Sunrises, sunsets, the beach, and my home.
#1 118/365
20 streak
Day 118
Doing a little work in the barn tonight, then back to writing my masterpiece.
Day 117
So far, my favorite Joker. Phoenix always does an outstanding performance. Truly a gifted actor.
Day 116
Phoning It In
Will do better tomorrow. Went to bed as soon as I had a free moment.
Day 115
Spent the day with Mom for her birthday. Walked around and photographed things she enjoys doing. These are some of her gardening tools.
Day 114
Day 113
My little piece of history. Over 235 years old and it’s around my neck daily.
Day 112
Back at it again.
Day 111
One bad thing of shooting a lot of film, is that I never get to share my photos here. Since I have to mail my film out, it’s usually at...
Day 110
Light Pollution
It’s been clear, for weeks now. No rain. I’d be lying if I said, I wasn’t I was happy about it. I love a clear sky, even at night.
Day 109
Love Affair
Day 108
A little breakfast date before church this morning.
Day 107
Daily Camera Bag
I’ve used this bag for about two weeks now and finally feel like I have found the perfect camera bag... for me. I LOVE THIS BAG!
Day 106
Speed Bump
Pixel will simply stop, dead in her tracks, and lay down. No running in our house, speed bumps are real!
Day 105
My photography career began in film. Lately I have found myself shooting it more and more. My K1000 has always been a trusty sidekick.
Day 104
More Decor
Love the light coming in this time of year.
Day 103
90+ Degrees
It may not feel like it yet, but we still decorated for one of my favorite times of year.
Day 102
Zero Effort
I put no effort into taking photos today. ZERO. I literally took this so I didn’t miss a day. I will do better tomorrow, I promise.
Day 101
Kinda ready to be back to my routine.
Day 100
Photo Dump
Labeling and archiving all of my vacation polaroids. Man, it was a great trip. So many memories, so many photos.
Day 99
Homeward Bound
Really sad to be leaving.
Day 98
Takin' It Easy
Day 97
Catchin’ Some Rays
Hagin’ with the locals.
Day 96
No Words
Day 95