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Evan Register

Lover of the simple pleasures in life. Sunrises, sunsets, the beach, and my home.
#1 71/365
71 streak
Day 71
Birds On A Wire
Yet another beautiful day!
Day 70
The Heat Is On
It has been another sweltering day. I love this 95 degree weather.
Day 69
Random Stuff
I love black and white.
Day 68
Rough Night
I never know what I’m gonna find in the parking lot at work. It’s almost always not what I’d expect.
Day 67
Good Evening
Made a quick stop to my favorite place after a long day at work. Good ending, good evening.
Day 66
In The Moment
I’ve been shooting a lot with my Mint TL70 lately, A LOT. I’m finally figuring out the light meter and have really starting enjoying thi...
Day 65
A little evening walk through the garden. So peaceful.
Day 64
Coffee And Chicken Chores
Day 63
Last Days
The sun is already beginning to set a little earlier each day. These are the last days of summer. Winter is on her dark, cold way.
Day 62
Good Ending
Day 61
No Sand
It’s not the sand and there’s no beach in sight, but the view here still isn’t that bad.
Day 60
I walk by this tree everyday, and have for years. Today, I actually took the time to notice it’s simple beauty.
Day 59
T Rex
My turken rooster, Tank. I can’t believe how big he has gotten.
Day 58
Butt Nuggets
Never gets old.
Day 57
One more day left in my work week. Then...I like her idea.
Day 56
Out Here, Roughin’ It
My quiet place, wasn’t so quiet today. It was over run by kids on bikes. I guess everybody needs a little fun in their life.
Day 55
Office Decor
I’ve always liked this oddly shaped bottle in my office. It serves no purpose other than looking cool.
Day 54
Out And About
Out shopping with the wife today. A beautiful day.
Day 53
My photography career started in film. While I don’t shoot it nearly as often as digital, nowadays, I never forget where I found my passion for...
Day 52
New Game
Been awhile since I bought a new game. Today, I got Ace Combat 7. It’s aight.
Day 51
Calm Before The Storm
Taken just before the rain started.
Day 50
Day 49
Doing my monthly, BIG, backup. I do this the 1st of every single month. Backing up my life from the previous month. Triple saved! ✔️
Day 48
If you don’t start your day early, you are missing out. I love watching and hearing the world wake up.