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#1 292/365
292 streak
Day 292
Kids, always protect your ears when going to loud places
Day 291
Day 290
Autumn leafs
Day 289
Portal to another dimension
In reality...Can you guess what it is..? ;)
Day 288
A small advertisement never hurts, right ? ;)
Day 287
Even though this rose has been hanging on my wall for over two years now (I got it at my high school graduation), it got more and more beautiful over...
Day 286
Playing around with light is fun
Day 285
Late night party
One of my favorite places in Munich. That's where I celebrate my birthday every year
Day 284
Pika Pika
Day 283
Day 282
Nothing special at all
Just a teabag being a teabag, just seconds away from getting turned into tea. That's the first photo that I personally feel rea...
Day 281
Yesterday's photo inspired me to do today's. Who remembers this little fella here..? :)
Day 280
Time travel way back
This photo and outfit honestly feels like a time travel back to 2007'ish and I love it. A lot has changed since then..
Day 279
That's a nice pin, that was sold for charity for saving the amazon. It's not much, but maybe it helps
Day 278
Day 277
Billie Jean
Day 276
Tea time
There's nothing better than a hot cup of tea while being ill ;)
Day 275
Alright, here we go again...
Nothing better than getting a really bad cold...:)
Day 274
Some tea
Day 273
Day 272
Always watchin'
This crow knows what's up
Day 271
I had to reset my phone, because it had some kind of trouble. That's why I needed to take it out of its case
Day 270
Day 269
Today it's my birthday, yay !
Even though I'm turning 22, I don't have any time for anything hehe