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#1 169/365
169 streak
Day 169
Today I got my wisdom teeth pulled out - all four. That means that the next days will most probably be streak pics only. Let's see how long this...
Day 168
Just...smile :)
Day 167
Some beautiful sunset clouds today
Day 166
Work work work...
At work until 1:00am tonight, hooray
Day 165
Say hello to my friend
Unfortunately, Mr Woodpecker was in a hurry hehe. Actually I think this is my first time catching a bird mid-flight. It was suc...
Day 164
Just chillin'
Day 163
Something is definitely wrong about those replacement plugs
Hmmmm what could it be ?
Day 162
Getting hungry
I'm pretty sure that this worm will taste good to my friend :)
Day 161
Streak pic (another one, yeah...)
I'm starting to think if I'm still good enough for this challenge.. Anyway, enjoy my mug being empty after drinking...
Day 160
Rammstein in Munich
This was one of the best nights in my life. Danke schön Rammstein !!
Day 159
River on a sunny day
Can you find my friend ? ;)
Day 158
Does this still count as #theme-weather ? ;)
Day 157
Day 156
A small reenactment of yesterday...
...but from the other side...;)
Day 155
Well hello there
Day 154
Curious dude
Well something clearly grabbed my friend's attention here
Day 153
Rammstein \mI
One week to go, I really can't wait for that concert ! :)
Day 152
USB powerbank
Day 151
In the streets
Day 150
An elegant solution for keeping track of reality
"I can't let you touch it, that would defeat the purpose."
Day 149
BBQ with the bois
I really like photographing fire, you never know how it turns out
Day 148
Day 147
Fell asleep and woke up just in time. And you can be sure that after that I went back to sleep haha
Day 146
A small present to myself
Today I put on a new strap on my watch, I really like it :D