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#1 110/365
110 streak
Day 110
Good morning !
It's a new day, the sun came out ! :) #theme-bloom
Day 109
Good night...
...I'll see you tomorrow, when the sun comes out again :) #theme-bloom
Day 108
#theme-bloom (Actually, does it still count if I do a week-theme not every day of the week ? Someone please tell me in the comments)
Day 107
Sun + Lens flare = Love
It was so hard to focus though...:D I'm so glad it got warmer finally
Day 106
Finally some nice weather
I guess spring has now arrived finally
Day 105
I was actually thinking wether I should use this photo or one with the sun, since today it's been sunny for the first time in a few days. But I alread...
Day 104
Caught in the moment
Complete strangers - who were they ? What made them stop at the river and look down ? Time froze for them but continued for every...
Day 103
I really love night shots
Day 102
Day 101
First chapter
Today I don't have much time again. However I made the effort to get a shot at photographing the printer while printing the first chapte...
Day 100
Ghost tree
Today is day #100, well I wanted to think of something special for today. However I don't have any time today whatsoever, I literally have...
Day 99
Streak photo
Close-up of my trousers, had a day off work today
Day 98
Late night
Today we've been drinking a bit, coming home late and I'm tired as hell... Oh BTW that's my friend Samuel
Day 97
Sunset in the city pt.2
These kind of spontaneous photos are some of the best imo. Damn I love that subtle lens flare !
Day 96
Another day
Another work day...
Day 95
But really..? It's said that when you catch the clock with two identical numbers, somebody is thinking about you. In fact - nope. Nobody thinks,...
Day 94
Sneaky friend
Day 93
Urban dirt
"Post-apocalyptic" Munich
Day 92
Nothing special
That's basically the same photo that I did yesterday. Today I'm just so damn tired I can't think of anything else. Good night everybod...
Day 91
Elephants are cool
Change my mind
Day 90
The world is small...
...but so is this airplane
Day 89
Brace yourself - Spring is coming
(Actually it's here already)
Day 88
On my way to work
Day 87
My dad
He got lucky this time haha