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#6 23/365
969 streak
Day 1,848
Rain Rain Go Away
Ahahah 🤣 it hasn't stopped. Extreme weather is the new norm 😭
Day 1,847
Hoot !
Cute little 🦉
Day 1,846
Went for a more aesthetic look today. I kinda like it.
Day 1,845
Mini Notebook
Got a new mini notebook from the event I attended. Now I have 4 empty notebooks 🤣 Still have to finish the one I'm currently using. It h...
Day 1,844
Cloudy Day
It's very cold in the capital region. I always love these angles for the buildings.
Day 1,843
Parlement Building
Always a pleasure to visit the parlement each year. Love this event to death 🥰
Day 1,842
Night Time
Some night time photography. Been really busy today.
Day 1,841
The snow came and stayed today. 30cm of heavy wet snow 🤡 spent the day shoveling, and I couldn't play in the snow today, maybe I'll take some...
Day 1,840
Tried something different today. Don't think I like the colours, but I like the rest of the photograph.
Day 1,839
Snowed a ton today. Had to shovel multiple times and my dogs hated it.
Day 1,838
Forgotten Drink
People in my neighbourhood think it's okay to leave objects all over the walking paths... Even with garbage cans at each intersection.
Day 1,837
Time Scheduling
Streak Pic today 😭 Spent most of my day working. I was going through a new tutorial and seeing if it would be good for my students nex...
Day 1,836
Just a few of my dad hats. Rain has been present everyday, wish it wouldn't rain so much.
Day 1,835
Books Books Books
Finally going to finish this series that I started so long ago 🤣
Day 1,834
Lockers at the University that I attend.
Day 1,833
Arm Therapy
Loving the black and white, something I've always struggled with, but hopefully I can improve. Working on my arm therapy. Slowly gaining t...
Day 1,832
Thought this looked better in black and white. It has been raining all day, cold dark rain, it was even snowing in some places on the island...
Day 1,831
Hidden Bench
Found a hidden bench today. Would have been perfect to sit on and do a self portrait, but it was raining and hailing today, and I wasn't...
Day 1,830
Read a lot last year, hoping to read even more this year XD
Day 1,829
Got some new clothes in the mail today, been awhile since I bought any clothes.
Day 1,828
New Books and New Code
Got a few new books, these are from really old series. And I've got some new code, working with EmberJS again after a few years...
Day 1,827
Purple Backpack
Trusted backpack, always a friend on my hikes.
Day 1,826
Technology and Photography
Spending the last day of 2019 at my house, since it is pouring rain outside XD But atleast I got some cleaning done to star...
FlyteWizard finished 365 project #5!
Day 1,825
Year Five
Every year I'm growing and every year I learn more. Hoping to find my photography passion again in year six. Using my phone as my Tookapic c...