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#7 365/365
1,676 streak
FlyteWizard finished 365 project #7!
Day 2,555
7 Years
Completed my 7th year on Tookapic. It has been a wild time. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of hard days, and streak days. I'm not sure what the n...
Day 2,554
Video Games
Doing nothing but reading and video games during the winter break. Tomorrow is my final day. 365 Days.
Day 2,553
Holiday Treats
A few extra treats during the holiday, but only in moderation!
Day 2,552
What was on top of our tree this year.
Day 2,551
Books for Christmas
Got two new book for Christmas :)
Day 2,550
Christmas Eve
It is already Christmas Eve. Stay safe everyone!
Day 2,549
Funky Tree
Got a completely wooden tree this year, and put some small lights with a few ornaments.
Day 2,548
I mean we aren't doing any parties quite yet, we don't get boosters until Mid-January, but the sentiment is still there :)
Day 2,547
Old Bottle
Thought it would be a funny picture. I think I've had this bottle for a few years now. I don't drink, so it'll probably stay with me for ma...
Day 2,546
Finally Done
Done for the semester officially. Won't get grades until Late January, so no point in stressing. Video Game Winter Break!
Day 2,545
Exams Over
Exams over for this semester. I hope I pass XD
Day 2,544
Almost Done
I'll be able to read all day on Monday.
Day 2,543
Rainy Night and Computer Glare
You can see my computer screen in the reflection of the window.
Day 2,542
Still grinding, should be done on Monday.
Day 2,541
Today is Millie's Birthday, she is getting older and older.
Day 2,540
Lot of thinking happening these past few days XD My University had to quickly switch online again after a huge outbreak of COVID amongst students...
Day 2,539
My side table.
Day 2,538
No View
When your vision is slowing becoming more terrible.
Day 2,537
Spent the day outside today. A well deserved break.
Day 2,536
Another Blur
Did my final today. Super tired LUL
Day 2,535
Relaxing a bit before a big test tomorrow!
Day 2,534
Brain all fuzzy after all the studying I have been doing lately.
Day 2,533
Notes and Notes
Be writing a lot of notes lately.
Day 2,532
She is basically blind now and we need to help her around the house.