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Michel Neufeld

#2 126/365
1 streak
Day 491
Nocturnal Walk
Just before going to see a movie in Carouge, Switzerland
Day 490
BAO Steam Kitchen is a restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland, specialized in Chinese raviolis.
Day 489
One side of Geneva's University Hospital
Day 488
Léman Lake near Geneva
Day 487
Vertical clouds
Walking above the Mont d’Arbois area near Megève, France, this morning around 11:00 AM, we saw this lovely clouds shapes !
Day 486
Mont d'Arbois. Above Megève. France.
A long walk on the snow playing with our dog was so beautiful on a sunny but cold day !
Day 485
Megève, France. End of afternoon on the center of the village just beside the church.
Day 484
Bernese alps seen from La Sage, Wallis, Switzerland
Contemplating such a marvellous landscape brings peace in your heart !
Day 483
Day 482
Day 481
Day 480
Indian women in a market in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
Day 479
Day 478
Central dome of the Ranakpur Jain Temple, Rajasthan, India
Day 477
At the border of the desert of Thar, Rajasthan, India
Day 476
Nyon, Switzerland, view on the Léman lake
Day 475
Stairs of the Ethnography Museum of Geneva. Switzerland
Day 474
Ceiling of Uni-Mail, one of the University of Geneva buildings
Day 473
Lady waiting for a tramway. Geneva. Switzerland
Day 472
Orange and black sunflower
Day 471
Sad Sunflowers
No sun today during my daily walk with my dog ! The sunflowers were very angry !
Day 470
Day 469
The Rhône River in downtown Geneva
Day 468
Night in Geneva