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Michel Neufeld

#2 138/365
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Day 503
Pope Francis celebrating the Estern y Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
I was very touched seeing they Holy Father celebrating Eastern in an empty...
Day 502
Water in a field
Day 501
Léman Lake seen above Montreux, Switzerland
Day 500
Cross country traces in Evolène, Wallis, Switzerland
It was a wonderful sunny day !
Day 499
Tunnel at Villaz, Wallis, Switzerland
Day 498
Winter Garden at La Sage, Wallis, Switzerland
Day 497
Sunshine in Evolène, Wallis, Switzerland
Just a moment of peace !
Day 496
Carnival at Evolène, Wallis, Switzerland
These characters are called the “empaillés” (stuffed animals).
Day 495
Sun and crossing lines
It a marvellous day in La Sage, Switzerland sharing a very convivial moment with @v_agnes, Cicero and Anne
Day 494
Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland, before a concert
Day 493
Nocturnal Walk
Just before going to see a movie in Carouge, Switzerland
Day 492
BAO Steam Kitchen is a restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland, specialized in Chinese raviolis.
Day 491
One side of Geneva's University Hospital
Day 490
Léman Lake near Geneva
Day 489
Vertical clouds
Walking above the Mont d’Arbois area near Megève, France, this morning around 11:00 AM, we saw this lovely clouds shapes !
Day 488
Mont d'Arbois. Above Megève. France.
A long walk on the snow playing with our dog was so beautiful on a sunny but cold day !
Day 487
Megève, France. End of afternoon on the center of the village just beside the church.
Day 486
Bernese alps seen from La Sage, Wallis, Switzerland
Contemplating such a marvellous landscape brings peace in your heart !
Day 485
Day 484
Day 483
Day 482
Indian women in a market in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
Day 481
Day 480
Central dome of the Ranakpur Jain Temple, Rajasthan, India