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#1 28/365
26 streak
Day 28
Went to see some beautiful deer today. Thought the baby was so cute.
Day 27
Sunset through a hazy sky.
Day 26
Flowers in the park
There wasn’t much traffic this morning, so I went to the park before I started work. These flowers stood out to me, so cheerful &...
Day 25
Moon, but no stars
I nearly missed seeing the beautiful full moon tonight amongst all the artificial lights. But I didn’t. Even though we can’t see st...
Day 24
Someone asked me what the footpaths look like. So here they are!! You have to muster your courage to step over them & hope you won’t fall in...
Day 23
Guava overload
I think I’ve eaten too much guava!! It’s about 3 times the size of an apple & without a fridge you really have to eat a lot quickly!
Day 22
More funky bed coverings!
Day 21
Lunch in the garden
What a cute spot for lunch!
Day 20
Snake skin fruit
This is one of my favourite fruits here. The skin peels off like individual scales. There are often bad tasting ones, but when you ge...
Day 19
Colour wheel
The colours of life are so varied, mixed and wonderful.
Day 18
Hard to resist
A purple donut made from purple sweet potato for 20c, who could resist?!?
Day 17
Bed of roses
Asked for a change of linen today & my landlord gave me this sheet set. Nothing like sleeping on a bed of roses I suppose!
Day 16
My new favourite book
Loving this book - written in snail mail style!
Day 15
Rain shine
The rain made everything so shiny & bright, almost magical.
Day 14
Fish lunch
Thankyou to the fish who made my lunch a reality. These packets are lined with a banana leaf & are the original lunch box.
Day 13
Imagine this space...
This corner of a restaurant sparked my imagination - an outdoor movie theatre, party space, wedding location or just a beautiful...
Day 12
Rice cooker
Am learning the importance of rice as a food and important societial construct.
Day 11
Red on green
Love the fresh red foliage on this plant.
Day 10
Eating is a necessity
Had lunch & saw this sign. How true a statement!
Day 9
Shadows & lines
I am noticing shadows lots more now that I am taking a photo a day.
Day 8
I love this pattern - it’s my favourite fabric at the moment.
Day 7
My new shower. Her name is Mandi (which happens to mean shower).
Day 6
The view from my window
How beautiful it is to look outside & see live plants and a green space.
Day 5
How good it feels to create something, even a few flowers in a book.