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#1 77/365
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Day 77
My ploy...
A delicious bottle of sweet chilli sauce. #theme-products
Day 76
My comfy lyocell skirt.
Day 75
Eek!! Eels!!
Eels just hanging out at my feet while I had my fruit weighed at the supermarket.
Day 74
A fresh, crunchy nashi pear.
Day 73
Fresh orange
How beautiful is a juicy, fresh orange!?! #theme-products
Day 72
Clothes line
This is our clothes line “hut” - which usually spontaneously deconstructs with any decent storm.
Day 71
Shopping mall garden
This unexpectedly gorgeous garden is in a shopping mall I sometimes visit.
Day 70
My Grandma asked me for a paper crane for her birthday. This one is for you Groovy Granny!
Day 69
I went out for dinner with my bosses & it rained heavily during the meal. The main road to my house was flooded to about 40cm, so it took abou...
Day 68
Peanut satay
My favourite meal.
Day 67
No laundry today!
Went to the laundry shop to pick up my laundry, but they are unexpectedly closed for a few days. #sameshirtdifferentday
Day 66
Easter dancing
Today I went to an Easter dance competition - there was such excitement, colour & celebration!
Day 65
Flower power
New sheets - my favourite so far by far!!
Day 64
My new “fridge”
When you don’t have a fridge, you gotta get creative! Although my “fridge” doesn’t keep my food cold, it is ventilated so the food doe...
Day 63
Durian pizza
What a flavour combo!! I enjoyed looking at this in the menu, but chose not to taste or smell (!) it.
Day 62
Walking home, the clouds seemed beautifully “loud” in the sky tonight.
Day 61
A flying shot from the car - my new favourite laundry. The staff are lovely and of course, I love it ‘cause it’s purple!
Day 60
Lunch time
The kittens were having a feed on our front porch when I headed to work today.
Day 59
Brazilian spinach
Today I found Brazilian spinach & was so excited! I ate some & I’m going to see if I can grow some too!!
Day 58
How long does it take to change a lightglobe?
I’m embarrassed to say that it took a whole month!! Can you believe that finding a light globe, learning...
Day 57
Was soooo happy to eat a meal that was mainly veggies!! Delicious eggplant, minced chicken & rice. Mmmm.
Day 56
Becak barang
A becak, powered by one tiny motorcycle- with two men, a boy & a whole lot of “flower boards” with well wishes made of paper flowers.
Day 55
Easter Saturday
Sunset over a church steeple.
Day 54
Good Friday
I went to a local church for the Good Friday service. The special colour for the day was purple. It was beautifully decorated.