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The Dead Tree

A tree in our backyard. Dead. It has fallen during the night of October 23th, 2018. There will be no more Dead Tree photos.

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Day 981
Dead trees classic
A streak pic, obviously. I woke up with fever and spent the whole day under the covers drinking tea mixed with honey and eating pil...
Day 1,030
Dead tree again
Not a streak pic this time. I mean, look at that sky. It had to be captured! Yet another stunning sunset this year. #thursday #outdoor...
Day 936
I like the color contrast in this one. The vivid orange of the tree against a clear blue sky. 3 days and 3 photos taken during the golden hou...
Day 1,296
I got lucky
Didn't have to wait too long for that frame. I switched to 45mm just in time. I just wish the stork woud go up, to "fill" the frame better...
Day 1,308
Minimal Dead Tree
My 365 project would've been dead long time ago without that Dead Tree. It saved my streak couple of times. That's my favorite dead...
Day 1,181
2018 🍾 🎉
So this is it. 2017 is over. Looking forward to 2018. We have hundreds of new users joining the community today. I'll spend part of tomorrow...
Day 1,235
It was around -8°C today, but the strong wind made it feel like -18°C. I went outside to shoot some nice fresh snow, but almost got my hands...
Day 1,342
A bit different angle than usual. Straight against the setting sun. That awesome gradient is awesome! #outdoors #nature #evening #monday #da...
Day 1,276
The Dead Tree
This time shot through a dirty window, so the picture is not as clear as it could've been. But still, I like the minimal look. #outdoors...
Day 518
Dead tree
A view from one of our rooms upstairs. With the clouds like that it looks creepy. I like it. #outdoors #nature #afternoon #landscape #dark #...
Day 1,328
I did take few completely different photos that day. But I feel like this is the one I want to save. Love the gradient. I realy like that tr...
Day 1,385
I think this is the widest angle I shot The Dead Tree with. I love the feeling of space and freedom in this one. Now I need to find my fisheye l...
Day 1,394
Good night
Made some progress on Project Backyard. I'm now spending at least two hours working on it every day. Waking up at 5:15AM helps a lot. #thur...
Day 1,348
Well, this has been one of the longest creative block I can remember since I started first 365 in 2013. A week-long chain of streak pics :/ #o...
Day 1,359
Dead Trees
These were once "growing" in the river near our house: Once they started to collapse on their own, we de...
Day 1,323
Zombie Tree
Yup, the Dead Tree again. I've been working a lot lately. But the days are longer. Golden hour is later. It's good. Getting better. #outdo...
Day 642
Another storm
After the storms are not so fun anymore. I used to like the smell of the storm coming. Now I don't re...
Day 1,352
Storm season is here again. I could've taken a photo of my life with lightnings striking next to The Dead Tree. There was no time for setting up...
Day 1,622
I miss The Dead Tree
It's been 5 months since we lost The Tree. The view is so empty without it. #deadtree #thedeadtree #clouds #sunset #sky
Day 1,463
Dead Tree
Not a streak pic this time though. I just liked the lines. Polarize filter messed the sky colors. Well I did, with the polarize filter. #oct...
Day 1,478
The Dead Tree
The Dead Tree is gone. We had a really strong (I mean, really strong) wind couple of nights ago. The Dead Tree has fallen. Fortunately n...