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Lonely Tree

Mostly pictures of the same lone tree. (My absolute favourite tree)

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Day 294
Milky Way over Lonely Tree
The weather forecast predicted a clear sky so I took the opportunity to try and shoot the Milky Way. There were some clouds...
Day 531
Winter Sunset
I just couldn't resits missing this shot 🙂. In the background you can see the parts of the #alps starting with the #Finsteraahorn and en...
Day 114
Lonely Tree
Today I had some time to go out and shoot. I took this pic about two hours after sunset. Same tree as in
Day 257
Lonely Tree after Spring Storm
The sky has given over its bitterness. Out of the dark change all day long rain falls and falls as if it would never en...
Day 276
Golden Tree
#outdoors #nature #evening #landscape #light #tuesday #fog #tree #sky #plant #sunset #golden-hour #mist #gold #travel #summer #golden #daw...
Day 333
It's way too hot to go out and shoot... :( #evening #landscape #wednesday #fog #tree #bw #mist #july #streak-pic
Day 124
Today I went out to shoot during the last light left. It's the same tree as in but with much less snow and a...
Day 280
Sunset behind lonely Tree
The scenery and my camera did all the work for me. When I pressed the shutter and took a look at the outcome I was amazed a...
Day 404
Sadly I was a few minutes too late to see the sun setting behind the tree. I tried capturing an HDR of this scene but this single exposure...
Day 292
Lonely Tree with Poppys
I was hoping for a nice sunset, but a big cloud blocked the sunlight. Instead I got this nice picture of my favourite tree :)...
Day 405
After being too late yesterday, I arrived a bit earlier today to capture this shot of the sun setting behind this tree. #october #fall #outdoors...
Day 451
Loneley Trees at the Black Sea
While taking a walk along the coast of the Black Sea I saw these two trees from a distance and knew I had to shoot them...
Day 477
Not so Lonely Tree
Over night we had the first real 'big' snow this winter. So why not go out an take pictures of MY tree :) Almost one year ago I too...
Day 473
Alpenglow WOW! What a luck that my bus was late today, else I wouldn't have been around to witness this stunning sunrise over the misty Reuss valley....
Day 586
Snowfall #2
The month of April has started and what do we get? Fresh #Snow... No what I expected after we had beautiful spring weather last week, but...
Day 340
Stormy Clouds
Today I went swimming in the Limmat with some friends. In the evening I celebrated the Swiss National Day. That's why I only was able to...
Day 574
Sunset behind lonely Tree #2
Is it technically perfect? No. The suns is way to bright and there is a massive lens flare. Do I still love it? Absolutel...
Day 584
Freshly tilled
Day 23
Meadow with Tree
I've always been fascinated by this tree standing in the middle of this meadow. Today I finally took a pic of it. Even though the qua...
Day 641
Lonely Tree #2
Day 662
Lonely Tree with Purple Sky