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Movie Posters

I once took a photo that could be probably used as a horror movie poster. I liked the outcome so I took another one. And then another one. And this is how this miniseries was born.

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Day 1,223
Couple of years ago I did a miniseries of photos that could be used as horror movie posters. Today I shot another streak pic that turned out...
Day 1,224
Soul grabber
I was hoping for a better result, but still, I don't think it's really that bad. Probably my least favorite from the series though. #indo...
Day 390
I should have worked more on the lighting in this one. But I noticed that after I downloaded the pics onto the computer. Too late. I start to t...
Day 391
I decided to make a series of photos that would make a good movie poster. So after "The Shower" here's another horror - "Bath". The framing is a...
Day 392
Bath 2
I think it's getting too creepy. I should probably take a break from those "posters of never-made movies". Noone was injured during shooting th...
Day 2,334
I have no idea what I’m doing. I guess this is an example of a forced creativity. Photo taken with my nose. Seriously.
Day 393
Couldn't resist. Here's another one from the series. I wonder what would a psychiatrist say after seeing my recent photos. Anyway, I think th...