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Project Backyard

We bought the house few years ago. And then we put all of our money into finishing the interior. Never had time to work on the backyard. But that changed in 2018. Here's "Project Backyard" and our progress.

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Day 1,023
Let's dig!
This year we're finally going to take care of the backyard which is a mess right now. We'll start with some digging. A huge excavator is al...
Day 1,330
Testing durability of the umbrella we got to get some shade in the afternoons. He didn't break it but he was close. Nice light, isn't it? Gol...
Day 1,307
Kick off.
Today we've officially started working on the backyard. The amount of work it needs is huge. But we started. That's good. I've been document...
Day 1,358
Celebrating progress on our "Project Backyard" with my wife. A nice little moment during the sunset. Worth remembering. #evening #alcohol #wed...
Day 1,360
Another one!
I'm done with another stool for the firepit corner. I'm spending way too much time on each one. But it's so relaxing. It's such a differe...
Day 1,309
View from our bedroom window. We regularly have foxes, deers, ducks, cats and beavers visiting. But this is a first one. A freakin' moose! Walki...
Day 1,371
@agamemnon (my sister) came to Bialystok for few days. We stayed up late drinking beer straight from Munich, watching the fire and talking. This...
Day 1,357
We made some stools from the trees we cut down last year. I plan to impregnate 8-9 of them to put them in our firepit corner. Already hav...
Day 1,351
Backyard work
Another evening spent working in the backyard. We're getting close to finishing the fire pit corner. And look! A fence! #fall #outdoors...
Day 1,381
My father owns a car that barely drives anymore. It has almost no floor left and near 400K km on the clock. Somehow it still passes the annual...
Day 1,320
Working in the garden
Goal: This time next year I will post a photo of me lying on a green grass under that tree, sipping ice-cold beer. Yup. That's a...
Day 1,353
Fire pit!
I spent the late afternoon in the backyard again. We're almost done with the firepit corner. Just few more minor chores. This will be my new...
Day 1,347
Built something!
Two years ago I took a similar photo - - but this time I'm not treating hangover. I'm celebrating....
Day 1,400
5:50AM watering the lawn. We finally got to sow the lawn in the backyard. 400 square meters of lawn. This was the first watering. Progress! #outdo...
Day 1,356
Still waiting for the first fire. We should throw a party. A proper firepit party. Sounds like an awesome idea. #outdoors #evening #light #mon...
Day 1,359
Dead Trees
These were once "growing" in the river near our house: Once they started to collapse on their own, we de...
Day 1,707
Little Gardner
Watering mom's plants during the golden hour. I'm so proud.
Day 1,339
Our own beach
We've built ourselves a beach. Our own little private beach, just outside the house. It looks really good especially during the golden h...
Day 1,443
The Lawn
I must admit, I'm proud of the lawn. It's nice, thick and the shade of green is awesome. Kids enjoy running on it as well. That was the goal....
Day 1,422
First mowing of a new lawn. I'm surprised how well it turned out. Another step in Project Backyard. #thursday #outdoors #nature #afternoon #roa...
Day 1,696
New #hobby I guess. The sundeck looks like a stage. And the #goldenhour is perfect time to give a little concert for the beavers.
Day 1,759
He tried really hard, but the #barrow did not move.
Day 1,685
Year later
One year ago I posted and promised to shoot a self portrait with a beer same time this year. So here it...
Day 1,776
A tomato from our own garden. Harvested by accident. #theme-holding