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Office Time

In November 2019, after about two years of working from home I moved to a new office. And this gallery has all the photos I took there.

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Day 1,891
Another good and #productive day at the office. The light today was really nice. Decided to go for #theme-flatlay-tech
Day 1,920
Smart Notes
I read 56 books in 2019, but I felt like I don't retain knowledge and information well enough, so I'm starting 2020 with "How to take smar...
Day 1,885
Old school!
Got a wireless mechanical keyboard, and I just can't stop typing. Love the feel of it, key response and the sound the keyboard makes.
Day 1,859
New chapter
For the last year I worked from home. But with two kids now it was getting harder and harder to get anything done. Frustration was real. S...
Day 1,868
Give and Take
Finally got to start my first Adam Grant's book. After first 50 pages I think his books are similar to Malcolm Gladwell's. What I mean b...
Day 1,869
#Writing copy for Tookapic's landing page. In the last two months I improved the conversion rates by more than 350% (yes, that's 3,5x more sig...
Day 1,879
Another day at the #office. Got the laptop stand. Now it’s at the perfect height. Now waiting for wireless mechanical keyboard t be delivered.
Day 1,862
No desk yet
Brought the chair to the new office. No desk yet. Should be here on Friday.
Day 1,865
Standing workspace in the new office. Love the light here around noon. The wall behind the laptop needs some kind of poster though.