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Holding Stuff In Front Of TV

A series of streak pics. I found my streak pic area. It's a big flat screen TV that I use as a light source late in the evening, just before midnight. You should find your streak pic area as well.

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Day 1,919
Look what I found in the mail today. A gift. Isn't that the coolest thing ever? So well made. Great quality and detail. Made by http://githagoart...
Day 1,935
Good girl
It's been three weeks since last #fibi photo ( This time, she fits my recent theme of Holding stuff in f...
Day 1,913
Almost done with another little notebook. Nothing beats the pen and paper. Next one is already waiting in the drawer.
Day 1,961
So many calories. Delicious calories.
Day 1,938
4 months
Another milestone. 120 days of daily exercise. It became a real habit now. It's easier to do it than to skip it. So I guess I'm going to cont...
Day 2,098
Did you know, that if you add as a shortcut to your smartphone's homescreen, it will look and behave like an actual app?
Day 1,966
Both kids sick. I’m quickly going down as well. Hang on @megiz! 💪
Day 1,921
No Netflix
This wasn't as chill Saturday as the Sunday last week. But it was ok.
Day 1,923
Witcher 3
More than 4 years ago (exactly 1700 days ago) I took a similar photo: I can't believe it how well this ga...
Day 1,939
Got a SD to lighting dongle to get the photos from camera onto the phone quicker. WiFi is nice, but so slow and painful to set up every time. Th...
Day 1,876
Testing the new landing page on mobile devices. Looks good. The copy is done. Still some tweaks to the graphics and calls to action. I know ma...
Day 1,952
I have a problem
Step one. Admitting, I have a serious problem. I've been struggling with this for a while. Especially last couple of months. I've bee...
Day 1,936
Made to stick
I absolutely love books by Dan & Chip Heath. This one is yet another great one. #readingnow. I recently finished a big project so I have...
Day 1,933
Slowing down
The original title is "It doesn't have to be crazy at work". Good book. I needed to read it. I respect the authors for what they did with...
Day 1,970
Runny nose
I don’t know what they put in those flu drugs but after two doses the only symptom left is runny nose and still a bit of sleepiness.
Day 2,084
Still playing
5-6 hours in and starts to get... boring? God damn!
Day 1,947
Another 4-month milestone approaching. It's been 116 days since I had a beer or any kind of alcohol (that includes new year's eve). Defi...
Day 1,975
I really wanted to like this game. I loved the first part when I played it years ago, but now I think it’s too much of a time investement. I...
Day 2,059
Enough of Family Guy for the day. Also, that's a one dusty remote.
Day 2,081
Well... This is it. Let's see if the hype is justified. And also, if I'm not too old for video games. 🤞 #thelastofus #tlou #ps4 #4theplayers