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Gogi Golzman

30 years old, a professional photographer, addicted to Motion, Lifestyle, Urban life and more .... =]
#4 111/365
2 streak
Day 1,206
Still busy days at work... so i took a shot at home ... can't wait to use this little beast!
Day 1,205
New Baby
I bought a new baby.. meet my new Fuji Xt3 :)
Day 1,204
Second shooting with this cool handmade iron bracelets :)
Day 1,203
Its been a while since i have taken a photo for myself
Day 1,202
In motion
this moment in the year is came... the hiphop championship... lots of dance, vibes and lot of fun and inspiration.
Day 1,201
Simple shot for a digital menu
Day 1,200
on my way from work..
Day 1,199
double exposure vibes today :) the inside photo was shot couple weeks earlier.. but the main photo is today :) haha
Day 1,198
We met this beautiful girl
Day 1,197
Spring Rings
i had to shoot rings in a wedding .. perfect time to use our beautiful spring day :)
Day 1,196
The dress
Day 1,195
This gorgeous couple is soooo in love ! this black & White gave me so much mood!!!! i love this shot!
Day 1,194
Big City Life
Wedding in the big city tel aviv ... what a fun start for the day
Day 1,193
Upside down
I made a little dance video to my girlfriend in the blue hour #blue-hour
Day 1,192
Day 1,191
in the darkness
i just love her silhouette :)
Day 1,190
Day 1,189
The perfect spot #3
i made it the third time :) it was a lucky shot cause they were closing 20 minutes later haha
Day 1,188
The perfect spot #2
second day in this beautiful spot ! its been a while since have been excited from a photo from a phone :) !!! tomorrow another pho...
Day 1,187
The perfect spot #1
I found the perfect spot !!! i have so much inspiration, i'm going to comeback for couple times to show you this beauty and make a...
Day 1,186
Healthy Spaghetti
eating healthy and feel so good.. working out giving a great benefits
Day 1,185
its amazing what a simple rain puddle can do to a photo :)
Day 1,184
Sunset Time
rain all day and then suddenly this beautiful sunset came by
Day 1,183
on of the table shots in the wedding #streak-photo #alcochol #bottle